The Love Channel: December 2018 – Be Love, Receive Love for a Lifetime


A final message from Pamela and her last Love Channel Column as she prepares for new avenues.

Dear Readers:

Wow! How amazing is it that I have been writing The Love Channel column for six years, starting with my first column in January of 2012! This is why I feel sad, yet excitement for my upcoming announcement, which is this will be my last column. Why? My guides and Angels are pushing me to assist my client’s personal/ spiritual growth and interpret their dreams to reach their highest potential through coaching and workshops. Being a Libra, relationships will always take a place in my blogs, podcasts, and business; however, my focus will be helping my clients to access their inner wisdom and less focus on love readings.

You see, what I’ve noticed is those who work on their personal and spiritual growth by overcoming their blocks and issues:  attract a healthy love relationship or improve their existing one, have better relationships with people in general, and manifest the lives they always dream of. Dreams, positive change, and healthy relationships all start with YOU! Only you can change you, as I am only the guide and messenger.

If someone refuses to deal with their issues or endeavor to grow, then this person will attract the same problems in a relationship over and over. The face and name of their love interest changes; nonetheless, they are in the same relationship situation. So sad!

Here’s an example from my book Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships about Anna (not her real name) who worked on her personal growth and self-love.

My client, Anna, should be the poster child for self-love. She first called me to find out if her boyfriend, Victor, whom she had broken up with, was coming back. The insight I received is that Anna had broken up with her boyfriend because he was playing the “should I stay or should I go” game, that Victor really did love her but was afraid of commitment, and he would come back. When Victor returned, I told Anna to be patient with him, that communication would improve, focus on her own life and the things that were important to her, and to accept Victor for whom he is. Anna had the courage to love herself, to break up with Victor, the love of her life, and make changes that improved their relationships. This in turn made Victor respect and value Anna more and he decided to make a commitment. They are now happily married.

Does Anna’s results happen in every relationship? Of course not! Why? Just because you’re growing, doesn’t mean your partner desires or will change. Then it’s your choice whether or not to stay or grow. If you choose to stay it’s important to accept your mate actually as he/she is. If you leave, please know there will be another love interest in the future – trust the timing.

I wish you, my sweet readers, much joy in your love life and all your relationships!



Pamela Cummins is here to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth to create the life you have always dreamed of! Whether she assists you to access your inner wisdom, teaches you how to turn your dream’s nighttime messages into daytime wisdom, or to empower yourself to empower all of your relationships. Pamela does this by spiritual coaching, dream interpretation, and teaching classes and workshops. She is the author of five books and the self-improvement oracle deck, Purrs for Humans. Learn more at  and



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