Diamond Wisdom: Finding Love, Selling My Home, and Making A Move


Our Diamonds answer the question submitted by one of our readers about selling her home and finding companionship.

Our Diamonds answer the question submitted by one of our readers about selling her home and finding companionship.Our readers submit questions for our Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and Healers each month. Read their questions and our psychics responses here!


From Jo Anne: When can I expect to sell my condo and move into something one story? I have lots of steps. The ideal situation would be with a partner. I have no problem moving to a different geographical area with someone. My parents are deceased and have no children. Thank you.

Elizabeth Commandeur: Hi JoAnne, what comes through is that this move coincides with you entering into a new stage in your life. I see you embarking on creating more stability for yourself and building a new foundation. I see you deciding between two new places and I feel May/June for when you will be actually in your new place. I do pick up on the number 4 for your new place. Not sure if this has to do with the price, address or a date. I get a strong message around 4. I do see a lot of newness around your new home. This would be a good opportunity for you to purge what is no longer serving your highest good. Not only items within your home, but emotions too. Good luck.

Diane Hiller: You could sell in April or within 4 months. I feel you renting until you get your bearings on where you want to go or a partner comes in. I would stay away from any address that is a 2,4, 5, or 7. the best numbers are 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, in Feng Shui. if more than one number like 205 that would add up to 7. Reduce to one number. You could meet a new person in Oct. Best to you.

Su Davey: Hi Jo Ann, I’m feeling a lot of changes are coming up for you. A move is definitely in the picture, I feel late spring early summer is the time that this will happen. I see a lot of joy around you and my guide is showing me celebrations connected to you, I feel the new house will be near water. Blessings to you.

Pamela Cummins: My guides are saying, “Soon, very soon. Expect lots of surprises and be open to the new, let go of fear.” I’m hearing the song, “Time of my life” from the “Dirty Dancing” movie, you’re going into a splendid period in your life.

Elaine Good: Hello Jo Anne, now that you have made up your mind, everything feels set to fall into place. This follows a period of indecision and confusion for you. The mist is clearing now. You have a choice of gentlemen friends coming up. I emphasize the word friends as it feels you are happy with companionship. This suits you. A move to a more suitable address is imminent. All you need to do now is keep yourself positive and well. Things are flowing in for you now. Good luck!!

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