Your Original Authentic Blueprint for Living


What if you knew for certain that everything happening in your life now was predetermined and all divinely designed? That all the people you encountered daily fulfilled a role you needed to have the original experience you came into the world to have?

What if all the grief, shame, blame, and pain was for a higher learning of existence and this life, in all of its ups and downs, is actually purposefully taking you somewhere you agreed to go?

What if all the characteristics you like and dislike about your parents or caretakers was actually an important part of why you came in this life to be with them, learn from them, and emulate them?

Recognizing and appreciating all the gifts and legacies we were born into; who we selected as parents and why; truly being aware of the reasons we experienced them—and their traits with zero judgement, propels us into true appreciation for them, ourselves and our original, authentic blueprint for living.

Awareness of moments where the magic of rewording, rewiring and reshaping is necessary–as life serves up more experiences and people from your very own creation.

Exploring this blueprint expands our awareness of the past, present and future. It provides us a vehicle for consistent learning and reshaping of our lives according to Divine plan, while giving the unique opportunity for us to reword, rethink and rewire all the crossed-up messages we have received along our way.

Are you courageous enough to stop life as you know it right now, to simply sit down and relax long enough to see another view of reality?

By observing our old reality and thereby looking at what is presently no longer serving our lives, we begin to crystallize our thoughts into what a new reality really looks like.

Since the larger part of our original blueprint consist of pure potential, as we move towards it, we begin to feel a deeper connection to our Source and inevitably; we know exactly what to do to experience peace, joy and contentment in our lives.

blueprint of lifeUnderstanding that no original blueprint is the same, we can begin to understand why it’s important to become our own reference point, our own light center, and our own connection to the Higher Power in which we believe.

So, if our personal design is calling for a different wire, word or shape in our blueprint and we find ourselves living within the wiring, words and shaping of other people’s blueprint, one can only imagine what sort of chaos and power outages this will bring into our lives.

Making the decision to see change in your life.

Looking at life as it is now and deciding to transform our lives is the first step of finding our way home to our original, authentic blueprint.  This journey requires consistently tweaking, expanding and growing into new ways of being, as Divine design is not outside of us, it is us!

Possessing the willingness to remember what you have forgotten through your experiences in life.

From birth, up until this moment we’ve had the opportunity to create and recreate experiences to either like or dislike, even when we didn’t remember that we had this power. Grabbing hold to the memory of this divine gift affords us the opportunity of transforming life as we see it today.

Facing your fears, mistakes, grief and pain and using them to get clear on your desires today.

More often than not, we tend to focus on that which we don’t want, thereby living in that reality. We can now begin to see our way into a new improved desired reality. In returning to our blueprint we expand into a new reality, much different than the one we have been living. This is where we see the timing of all great things for our path co-mingling together, conspiring to create success in any endeavor, and just because we decide to choose differently, truly stepping outside the box of our previous reality, life and the Divine Spirit of things, presents to us ALL possibilities for attainment. This is a part of the original blueprint, so it will feel really good energetically.

Getting out of the box of our minds affords us the gateway of all possibilities and realities.

When we are clear about our point of focus, our intention, we begin to see our desires drop into place in perfect timing, seemingly by magic, coming from nowhere and everywhere.

This power of attainment is in the joy of knowing that what we want must be possible just because we think it to be true. Simply because we shape the form in our minds, we see the possibility that there is a reality where this desire already exist.

Our mission, if we decide to accept it, is to leave nothing to fate but to actually accept what is already with fate and move on, while NOT relinquishing the power given to us by birthright to create the life we desire.

In our new blueprint, we move forward in life continuing to create, to shape shift through our growth and development. We simply allow our lives to be just the way we want them to be.

Prayer has an important role in this journey, though it only works when we are present to following the response from Supreme guidance, and having the faith that Divine possibility offers anything and everything we can ever conceive of. This expansion of our creation is powered by the level of intention of our hearts.

Being open to the extraordinary, understanding that YOU are the magnificence you seek.

The brilliance comes through the willingness to fully express ourselves as a part of the Creator and creation, as “mini creators,” simply holding our space and resting in truth.

Nothing is forced when realizing our blueprints, we simply go about life knowing that all is working in our behalf, walking in our delegated authority. Knowing that what and who we are being is delegated by a force much greater than us, a powerful Creator of worlds and universes–which just so happens to also dwell inside our souls, guiding our every step, and holding all the answers for anything we need.

blueprint of lifeStepping into your greatness by walking the new journey–boldly, deliberately, unapologetically.

When we decide to listen to this voice of truth, the moment arrives when the power and presence of this universe is ours to expand, grow and remember all that we are this lifetime. It is the moment that we fully walk in what we know, no matter what we think it looks like to others, ready to simply live our truth by example.

Taking action when necessary for our participation and syncopation in the dance of Divine Movement.

The power to re-create is a massive gift for humankind. When you claim this abundant birthright, the journey of life, now becomes eternal.

Will you claim this power today for your own gratification?

Will you take responsibility for your health and well-being today by returning to your original, authentic blueprint?




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