The Wolf as your Spirit Guide or Animal Totem


“My heart is tuned to the spirit of the wolf.  In these eyes I see the beauty and grandeur that is the wilderness.” – Unknown

WolfIn many spiritual and cultural traditions, animals play an integral part in our lives. Each animal provides its own set of characteristics and gifts to us as a guide. These spirit guides help to show us the way along our own path through life, teaching us a little about ourselves and who we are.
In many Native American traditions, the wolf is considered to be the highest spiritual teacher in the kingdom, even above the hawk and eagle. Each color of the wolf brings a different lesson or knowledge.

Depending on their color, they teach different lessons and share different energies with those they watch over and walk beside. Coloring is used as a means of spiritual classification for one basic reason.  Energy.  All energy contains several properties or traits. It has a sound that can be recorded, an “energy level” that can be measured and a color that can be photographed.

  • White Wolf:  Known as the phantom, the white wolf lives in the spiritual and physical dimensions simultaneously. They teach the lessons which help to bring both these lives into balance. They help us learn how to build the bridge between the two worlds so that we might learn the underlying purpose of events and issues in our life.
  • Brown Wolf:  They teach the lessons of health and healing.  How to use the forces of nature in conjunction with the earthly knowledge of medicine to maintain a balance between the mind/body/spirit connections.
  • Gray Wolf:  The hidden lessons, reaching through the veil of sight into the realm of spirit. The gray wolf is the teacher of spirit connections and communications. How we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides.
  • Red Wolf:  They are the keepers of earth and nature. They help us communicate with our surroundings, with the earth, with those around us and with nature in physical or spiritual form (such as in dream or meditation). They are the teachers of communication, both in word and gesture. When you see an animal cross your path, and you’re unsure of its message, the Red wolf can help you decipher the communication.
  • Black Wolf:  The teachers of the physical. The black wolf helps us to bring balance into the physical natures, desires and expressions of our daily lives. They keep us focused on the issues of this plane of existence where our spiritual lessons and karmic experiences help us evolve and progress to the next spiritual level.

A female wolf is a creature of community.  She is rarely alone.  She shares responsibilities of family with her pack.  She is loyal to a fault, some she-wolves have died trying to save one of their own pack members from danger when she could have run away and saved herself.  A wolf is territorial and not afraid of fighting for her home or pack.  Like many dogs, she is a little jealous of those she doesn’t know or trust and will often try to put herself between her family and others.  It’s an act of protection, not possession.  And in typical wolf fashion, she is also on guard to sense the slightest changes in energy for good or bad.

When not threatened and when treated with respect, a wolf will allow others to get close to her and to her pack.  But when approached with deceit, or hidden agendas, she will often pick up on that scent and be wary of the contact.  Often this “feeling” will appear much earlier than others.  She has good ears for listening to the most intricate details, up close and far off.  So that early warning system kicks in, even when the energy is at a far distance and has not yet arrived.  So when you cross the path of a wolf, they often know you’ve been coming for a while.

So how does this “nature” of the wolf help you when a wolf is your spiritual guide? Well, it tells you a lot about yourself and how you deal with issues in your daily life. Those of us with a Wolf guide are often around others who are like minded. That doesn’t mean we only associate with others who believe in metaphysics or psychics, but rather with others who are equally spiritual or just as active.

In the work place and relationships our territorial nature comes out. We work on a project and after a significant amount of effort, we can get upset when someone crosses a line and tries to take it from us or infringes on our territory.  When this trait comes out in a relationship, it’s often misinterpreted as possessiveness.  When actuality it’s more often a sense of danger or apprehension.  We want to protect our mate and family.

Now apply this same concept to your spiritual pursuit.  How often do these traits expose themselves, through good or bad results?

The wolf walks beside us to remind us of the lessons we’re here to learn. Over protection can mean one needs to learn how to trust others. Territorial issues are lessons of letting go. But the positives are there too. The wolf tries to show us our innate ability to “sense” and to “see” spiritual lessons; to understand that we’re not all alone and we have many “family” members to rely on.

So when you’re in a state of distress, call upon your animal guide for assistance.  Ask the Wolf for strength and courage. Ask that your wolf spirit guide help you to see the nature of an issue from Spirit so you can learn why it’s occurring and how to proceed. The nature of the wolf teaches us this above all else…. To learn, adapt and overcome. ~ Peace, Love & Light my friends!



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Column: Peace Within – Spiritual Growth in a Modern World |  An empath since early childhood, Janét Bowerman uses her ability and style when reading for others.  At times she uses the Tarot to provide additional insight into her readings.  She’s a certified Reiki Practitioner and natural healer with the ability to send healing energy to those in need. She specializes in life coaching, self-growth and love relationships. Find more information at her website, .


  1. Thank you so much for all the information in this article! My cousin had a Red wolf walk into her yard and just stood there and watched her. She had Dogs and chickens in the yard, that was not why he was there. We both knew there had to have been a meaning behind it, so I looked it up and found your article. There were so many facts that were true beyond belief, and we were both deeply touched.

  2. Now that I know the different colors of my guide, am i only held by one color at a time, or are they with me simultaneously or just all one spirit that change his/her colors?

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