What’s in Your LifeCloset? Author Corbie Mitleid Shares Her Dream


How many of us have been told “you have a book in you” by our intuitive counselors? Or we have a subject we love, and writing a book about it is on our Bucket List?

Our own Diamond Psychic, Corbie Mitleid, has had both experiences.  So, this year, she took everything she’s learned during her life and put it in a wonderful new empowerment volume, CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET.   

Belle: Welcome Corbie! I am so thrilled to be able to share your story and your dream with our readers. What was your inspiration that led you to write your book?  What message did you want to give to the world?

Corbie: I’ve heard people tell me for YEARS, ‘Oh, you’re so funny!  You speak so well!  You should write a book.’  And I would look at them and nod, while I’d think to myself there are a bajillion self-help books out there.  What could I possibly write that would be different?  Well, as the saying goes, “write what you know.”  I’m neither perfect nor special.  I have had a life that has been roller coaster/no brakes with more than my share of mistakes, double-backs and General Stupids.  But because I’ve learned to look at all of that with compassion for my fallible humanity — not to mention a boatload of humor — I’ve gotten through an awful lot and am still in one piece.

So, I started to write about those experiences for all the people out there that I might not get to meet in person.  The dysfunctional family…the career crazies…the divorces…the cancer dance.  And nowhere did I write about “oh poor me.”  Because that’s not the point.  The point is that whenever anything like that crossed my path, I’d squint at it and say, ‘Okay, Problem, you’re here.  Gotcha.  Now, what can I do with you?’  And while I worked on getting to the other side of the Problem, I’d always look to see what I might learn from the experience that I could pass on to others.  That’s what happens when your nature is that of a teacher and counselor.  You always look to pass on what you’ve learned.

Belle: So, what is LIFECLOSET about?  What can people get from it?

CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET is the book for people who want to write their own story of change – not be told by someone else “I have the answer; do what I tell you and it all gets better.”  I share new ways of looking at clarity, simplicity, adaptability and stress as a friend.  These are things I consider central for finding your personal version of Happy and running with it.

I show readers how Clarity is the canvas on which they can paint their new life story… how much abundance they already have with the idea of Simplicity in living Life as a Tiny House… how they find freedom accepting that Adaptability means “perfection is already yours” …  and to figure out when Stress is a friend and teacher, instead of just the enemy you fight daily.

What really sets the book apart from other self-help writing, though, are two things:  the Adventure Pages and the Invention Pages, which are at the end of every chapter.  These are where the reader gets to answer some open-ended questions to reflect on what they’ve read. THEY come up with places in their life where these ideas will work. THEY get to decide what the personal takeaways are (we call that “putting arrows in your quiver”). And I give them space to write down what they believe to be the Most Important Piece of Knowledge they’ve gained. Finally, I encourage the “inner artist” to create a picture of what the reader has learned from every chapter along the way.  Really, it’s like creating your own personal divination deck.  And it means the book is absolutely YOURS.  Because no one else has lived your life or faced your challenges.  So, the book speaks to you in a way it won’t for anyone else.

Belle: What has been the response to your book?

Corbie: I self-published at the end of January, putting it out as a paperback and eBook.  I am humbled – there’s really no other word for it — by the rave reviews we’ve gotten, from Kirkus Reviews especially.  Kirkus is an organization that does nothing BUT review books, and they’re notorious for being stingy with real praise, but they said, “CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET is funny, straightforward and non-preachy…An inspiring work that sets itself apart from other self-help books by encouraging readers to write their own transformation narratives.”  And that had me over the moon.

clean out your lifeclosetBelle: Since CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET is already a book, why create an audiobook?

Corbie: I’ll be honest.  It didn’t occur to me at first.  But for every three people who’ve purchased the book and loved it, there’s one that says “Gee, it sounds terrific — I’d love to read it — but I just don’t have time.  Do you have it in audio form?” And I get that.  I’ve been on the road up to 40 weekends a year for a long time!  That’s when I get to listen to all the books I never get a chance to sit down with.

Besides the time question, there are a lot of people who can’t actually read a book because of visual or cognitive disabilities.  For them, an audiobook is a God-send, letting them access information out of their reach otherwise.

Belle: What are the steps in making an audiobook? How difficult is that to do?

Corbie: Well, I’m very lucky in that I don’t have to hire a voiceover person!  I was a theatre major in college, and I actually have done voiceovers for many years, so I’ll do it myself.  And I think that’s very special: There is something delicious about hearing a book read by the person who wants to inspire you.  That’s when you hear firsthand the passion, the deep learning from years of experience, and the pure joy in sharing the information.  And I want to share that with everyone who listens to LIFECLOSET!

Cathedral Sound Studios, where I am doing the recording, is a full-service recording studio where I live. Since 1975 they’ve created award-winning productions worldwide for advertising agencies, film companies, video houses, animators, record companies, and musicians. They are a quality group with decades of experience – and THEY really believe in the book, too.  I was very lucky to find them.

Belle: Are you doing your audiobook as a self-published project as well?

Corbie: Yes.  And believe me, it’s expensive!  So that’s why for the month of July we’re running a Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter.com is one of those crowdfunding sites that help individuals like me to make their products viable and get them out in the world.  It is several thousand dollars to make an audiobook, and I’ve already poured money into getting the actual book published.  So, this is where the help comes in!

The best thing about a Kickstarter is that if someone chooses to back the project – and people can back things for as little as a dollar — they get some wonderful thank you gifts.  Depending on how much someone wants to pledge, in my case they can get copies of the book in print, the audiobook itself, special psychic sessions with me – and if they REALLY want to go whole hog, I’m even giving away private psychic parties for eight and workshops for twenty people.  How many times in your life do you get to invite over 20 friends and say, “I have an afternoon planned you won’t believe?”

And there’s something else – something that people in the metaphysical community with us know is important:  when you back this project, you are helping to spread the good energy.   You make the book more accessible to more people. You make it possible for people to take charge of their life and love their own journey.  You add your own wonderful, positive compassionate energy to mine…and that makes miracles.

The truth is this:  We will all still have to get through days that are tough, and times that are scary, and we may not know what’s coming around the corner.  But occasionally we can borrow each other’s Road Maps to Life, for finding the scenic route instead of the dead ends.

Belle: Knowing you personally, Corbie, I know how important this is to you. How long are you doing your Kickstarter campaign?

Corbie: That’s the tough part – you only get a month!  I have to get $6,500 in backer pledges by July 31, because Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform.  If I only make $6,499 by the end of the campaign, Kickstarter says it was unsuccessful and I don’t get a penny.

Belle: What happens to the pledges then?

Corbie: The backers don’t get charged.  So, a backer has nothing to lose.

Belle: What are you doing to get the word out?

Corbie: It’s a full-time job this month!  I’ve been talking to everyone I know, writing to folks, putting up flyers – we’re even doing a Kickstarter party locally.  But if everyone who reads this decides to step up, even with a small pledge, we can make this happen.

When you go to my campaign page, you’ll see a three-minute video that talks about the book.  You can read why the book is important, get all the details about what’s in it, and even listen to a sample from one of the chapters that we’ve already recorded.  And you get to look at all the wonderful backing gifts we’ve got for folks!

Belle: How can we at Bellesprit Magazine help?

Corbie: I’ll sweeten the pot for the Bellesprit readers – everyone who is a Bellesprit reader who pledges $25 or more will get an extra gift from me not listed: a fifteen minute reading gift certificate they can use any time that they have some quick questions.  All they have to do is drop me a line at corbie@corbiemitleid.com and let me know that they heard about my Kickstarter through Bellesprit and have pledged.  As soon as the campaign is complete, they get that certificate in the mail.

Thank you, Corbie, for sharing your dream with us. If you want to help Corbie’s campaign, go to http://kck.st/2t1z0pF. Let’s help make this dream a reality and share the love and inspiration that Corbie brings. If you would, please share this article with your friends on your social networks. Together, we can help to heal the world!



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