What Type of Bacteria Are You Living As?


Do you ever wonder if you really make a difference on this Earth?  Do you ever wonder what’s the point of being here?  Maybe you have felt that your thoughts and actions have little to no influence?

Well, I hope you will re-think this.  There are a lot of discussions and programs out there based around positive thinking.  We hear it very often about how our thoughts and feelings create our reality and create the experience we have here on Earth.

I’d like to look at this concept for what it really is in relation to the Earth.  Humans are really nothing more than bacteria or fungus on the face of the Earth.  This is really no different than the bacteria that we have in our bodies.

The bacteria in our bodies is either good or healthy bacteria, or it is bad or unhealthy bacteria.  When the bad bacteria take over, it starts alleviating the good bacteria and we become very sick.  However, when we keep things in balance or alleviate the bad bacteria, we increase our health.  Good bacteria have to be strong and healthy in our bodies for us to thrive.  Prebiotics and Probiotics help to keep healthy bacteria alive in our bodies

Now, Earth doesn’t have a way to utilize these nutrients like we do.  However, since it is based on energy vibrations, it is still influenced by a similar principle.  Now, the way this works is based on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  When all of these are aligned, we have a stronger influence on the other bacteria.

love and compassionWhen our thoughts, emotions, and actions are loving and compassionate we are like good bacteria that is getting yummy nutrients to support it, and thus we also nourish the Earth to grow and flourish.  When our thoughts, emotions, and actions are filled with hate, anger, and resistance we are like the bad bacteria, and thus make the Earth become sick.

Just like with our own bodies, when the bad bacteria take over, we get sicker and sicker and then die, and so it is the same with Earth.  Our negative thoughts, emotions, and actions speed up Earth’s death.  When we exist as good bacteria, we allow for restoration and renewal.  We allow Earth to live vibrant in good health.

Every time we are on a vibration of Love or Compassion, we are nourishing the entire Earth, and in addition, ourselves.  This is why our real mission or purpose in life is to simply be this energy vibration.  It is just that simple, and the more people do this, the greater the health we provide for our planet.  Although, even as one person, we will still have a positive impact when we live as positive bacteria.

In the realm of codes, bacteria on its own is about bringing forth happiness and success.  Human Bacteria tends to delete the Earth’s resources for material pursuits and in doing this we create our own isolation, or separation from the Divine.  When Human Bacteria codes connect with the Earth’s codes, we find that suffering and anxiety surface.  In essence, in its neutral state, Human Bacteria is not favorable at all for the Earth.

Now, as we take this further with the codes, we see that Good Human Bacteria supports the natural transformation process.  It keeps the natural cycle of beginnings, endings, and new beginnings, all the while transforming everything in a way that allows it to complete its whole cycle.  It is designed to support and assist the Earth in natural ways.

On the other hand, we see that Bad Human Bacteria causes things to become stuck and stagnant through judgment.  The judgment is tied in human ego, that the human bacteria is more important than other life forms.  It feels that it has a duty or purpose to control and take over how things work, going against nature and natural cycles.  What the Bad Human Bacteria struggles with is that the spiritual must be developed before anything can be accomplished.  In other words, it must learn compassion and let go of its judgments in order for things to unfold and move into being able to show its limitless abundance.

As a result, the Bad Human Bacteria creates a false relationship with the Earth, but instead of being a true relationship, it enters into competition with the Earth.  It fails to realize that all possibilities for its existence will be taken away unless the future is provided for.  When the trust of this relationship is broken and competition happens then life has to begin over and over again.  This happens through a speeding up of natural processes, or by removing species through complete shifts such as an axis shift, as was seen many years ago.

Now, since the Earth has code patterns related to Peace and Immortal Love, it is Earth that will always maintain the ability to win in any competitive situation.  This is much like when our bodies find ways to force out what is harmful to it.  It is trying to re-establish its balance and health.

This is so important for us to keep in mind and think about.  We are asked for so little, only to love and be compassionate in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  That’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

So, it is important for us to ask ourselves, why do we make this so hard?  Why do we resist allowing ourselves to experience the incredible side of Earth?  Even as an individual, you have so much ability to help simply by being love and compassion. Will you do this?

Compassionate Blessings ~ An



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Jesse Ann Nichols George

Jesse Ann Nichols George is an author of 4 books and an Integrated Development Specialist with over 33 years of experience assisting others with their life processes. She is a spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, and a holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. Jesse is a 13th generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating harmony and nature. Her work encompasses both Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and hosts her own radio show. www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

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