Vibrational Energy Frequencies and How They Affect You


Vibrational energy frequencies may or may not be something you’ve given thought to in the past.  Why is it important to think about and learn more about them now?

Everything and everyone has a vibrational energy pattern, and when you can identify lower level vibrational energy from higher level vibrational energy YOUR own energy can change.

vibrational frequencyYou may be wondering; how can I identify if someone has a lower vibrational energy or a higher vibrational energy?  And just how does this affect you?  I have outlined some distinctive characteristics of both lower level vibrational energies and higher vibrational energies.  Later we will discuss the characteristics in more detail.

An individual that is vibrating at a lower level energy frequency will exhibit these behaviors (they may not have all of these or could possibly have others as well):

  • Gossiping
  • Constant turmoil
  • Blaming others
  • Jealousy
  • You feel that something just isn’t right
  • You feel drained after spending time around them

An individual that is vibrating at a higher-level energy frequency will exhibit these characteristics (again, they may not have all of these and could possibly have others in addition):

  • Talks about ideas and important topics
  • Normal ups and downs, but there is a sense of peace
  • Can take own responsibility, admit when they’re wrong
  • Helping others and being truly happy for others’ success
  • You feel safe around them, they are real and genuine
  • You feel inspired and have positive energy after spending time around them

Who are these individuals?

  • Workplace colleagues
  • Family members
  • “Friends” you’ve had forever so you think it’s just how they are
  • Professionals you make appointments to go see. *Be very cautious of self-proclaimed “energy workers” that can be described as having lower level energy vibrations.  There will be an exchange of energy between the two of you, and acquiring negative energy is NOT a healing experience.

When and where can you expect to interact with these individuals?

  • Work environment (colleagues, management)
  • School (students, possibly faculty)
  • Out and about (stores, restaurants)
  • Family gatherings
  • Professional settings

How would you recognize an individual of lower vibrational energy?  A big red flag is their gossiping to you about others.  The saying is true – if they talk about them to you, they will talk about you to them.  These people tend to be jealous of others – it could be the way someone else looks, or that other people pay attention to them, or even professional achievements.  From my personal experience in cases like this, they begin gossiping with others about you in an effort to make you look bad.  This seems to be an effort to elevate their own self-worth.  After spending time around an individual of lower vibration or lower energy, you may feel drained yourself.  You may even feel pulled down into their lower energy patterns and behavior.  Another characteristic to be aware of is their being in a constant state of turmoil within their families, relationships, work relationships, etc.  They blame this on the other people, rarely taking responsibility themselves.  Your intuition is telling you something is just not right.  Do not fall into the thinking that “they wouldn’t treat me like that” or “they won’t talk about me like that.”  If you have witnessed this behavior from them towards other people – chances are good that you will NOT be the exception.

How will you identify someone of higher vibrational energy?  They talk with you about ideas, important topics and there is an even exchange during these conversations.  These interactions make you think.  They’re not always about unicorns and rainbows, but they are not about spreading rumors about other people.  Individuals of higher vibrational energy don’t feel threatened by someone else’s achievements, looks, significant others, etc.  They genuinely feel happy for someone else’s success or happiness AND if they can, they help you get there.  After spending time with someone of higher energy – you tend to feel lighter, inspired, at peace, and full of positive energy.  People around you can tell because of your own behavior – being around individuals of higher vibrational energy raises your vibration and energy!  These people do have normal ups and downs, no one is perfect.  But the difference here is they don’t blame others for the difficulties; they take responsibility for their part.  When you are around or talking with a higher vibration individual, you feel uplifted.  Connecting with people of higher vibrational energy can raise your vibration.

How can you protect yourself from the lower vibrational energy?  Steer clear.  If this is not an option and interaction is unavoidable (workplace, professional environment, school, family gatherings, etc.) – protect yourself!  There are some ways you can accomplish this protection.

White Light of Protection.  Imagine deep within your chest there is a pilot light (like the old gas stoves).  You think, “White Light,” and this pilot light clicks on.  This light grows larger and larger inside your body.  Feel its warmth and unconditional love.  The white light continues to grow until is now resembles a bubble around your entire being.  Nothing negative can get through this bubble or white light.  The White Light of Protection.

Waterfall.  Imagine you are standing beneath a waterfall.  The water surrounds you and nothing negative can pass through it.

Later on, after you have experienced time with draining energy – clear yourself of any residual lower level energy.  There are different ways you can achieve this clearing.

Shower Meditation.  While in the shower, as the water runs over your – imagine the water is washing away any unwanted residual energy.  It runs off your fingertips, it runs off your entire body.  The water and the unwanted residual energy travel down the drain and your energy field has been cleared.  Do this for as long as you feel is necessary.  If desired, you may also pour sea salt mixed with water on yourself to remove stubborn residual energy.  After the negative energy has been cleared from your energy field, you may use the white light of protection to complete the exercise.

Smudging yourself with a sage bundle or Palo Santo wood.  Light the end of the sage bundle or Palo Santo wood stick.  After a few seconds, blow out the flame as you would a stick of incense.  Light smoke will flow from the sage bundle or Palo Santo.  Using the sage bundle or Palo Santo wood as a wand, start at the top of your head and work your way down your body allowing the smoke to clear your energy field of unwanted negative energy.  While doing this, you may also think or say out loud your intention of clearing the residual negative energy from your own vibration.  Repeat if desired.  Caution:  a sage bundle will continue to burn.  Either extinguish or place on something heat resistant.  The Palo Santo wood tends to go out on its own and may need to be relit during this process.  As with the sage bundle, please place your Palo Santo wood on something heat resistant intended for this purpose.

Everyone emits their own energy frequencies or vibrations.  Recognizing this is important, because it has a direct effect on YOU!  Recognize, Clear, Protect, and Raise Your Vibration!



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