The Vibration of Manifesting ~ a true story


When you accept the concept that you are an energetic vibration much like a receiver and a transmitter of energy you can better understand how you attract what it is that you are signaling.

You constantly send out signals that tell the universe who you are in that particular moment and in return you attract what it is you are in harmony with and repel what you are out of sync with.

Keep in mind it isn’t the thoughts that are the real signal it’s really your vibration. If you sit quietly you can actually tune into your signals.  Take a moment right now, close your eyes and just sense those signals your body is emanating.  Can you tell if the signals your body is sending out are in harmony with the signals coming from your environment?   Yeah, that was the missing ingredient in my manifesting recipe.

Recently I was working on attracting a new venue for my Reiki and skin care business. I talked to my guides, meditated and really concentrated on it but it seemed as though nothing was happening. We always want results yesterday and forget to let go and let it happen when it is supposed to happen. There were many nights that I would just lay in bed thinking about it wondering if I was being heard. I spent too much time thinking about the logistics of a move. I knew something was missing but I did not have a clue as to what it could be.  As far as I was concerned I was doing everything exactly as all of the books say you should when manifesting. Where was my answer?  How long was I going to have to wait? Did I forget to do something? Were my guides on vacation?  Self-talk can make you dizzy!

Having just had another birthday I just assumed with that came this incredible wisdom.  I missed the boat on that one for sure. It wasn’t my thoughts or my feelings that would singularly cause this great revelation for me; it was my total vibrational being.
What I was doing was putting too much energy into how much money I knew I could afford and all of the things that go with a move. In doing that I was altering the playing field; my vibrational equilibrium. When you continue to send out signals that reinforce your current state then that will be the state that will persist. That was a light bulb moment for me. My environment had to match on a vibrational level.

Now how do you shift your vibration?  I decided to start moving my body by dancing around, I sang a song, smiled and I even did a yoga pose for a few minutes. These acts will change your vibration temporarily. Luckily there was no one watching as I did any of this.  Breaking the old equilibrium allows you the opportunity to shift your vibration. Now I needed to have a better plan for my manifesting.

I then decided that I would do visualization for 20 minutes a day. I visualized my goals very vividly in such a way that I could feel strong emotions. I imagined what my new space would look like and could see lots of clients coming and going.  In doing this, I was sending out a new signal.  It was really amazing feeling the shift. Once the 20 minutes ended I stopped and went on to do other things.

During this time I eliminated reading a newspaper or watching anything on TV that was not a comedy so that I could somewhat control my environmental influences, maintaining equilibrium. I avoided negativity the best I could while still existing in this world we live in. This made a huge difference.

On the third day of practicing this technique I left my current work location heading for my mother’s house to have coffee with her when my car just drove into a parking lot of an office complex.  I got out of the car and walked into a chiropractic office.  It felt like I was not in control of any of this but I just went with it.  When I got inside there was no one at the reception desk so I settled into a chair in the waiting room and just sat there for 20 minutes.  Finally the doctor came walking down the hallway toward me. I got up and introduced myself to him and told him I was there to inquire about the possibility of renting space from him for my business. He looked a bit shocked and asked me how I knew about the room. I told him I didn’t know anything about a room but hoped he might have one available.  He said he had just posted it on Craig’s List.  Coincidence?  I think not.

He took me back and showed me the room and told me what his rental agreement consisted of. He told me he would call me on Wednesday after checking my references.  On Tuesday he called and offered me the space. He did mention again how surprised that I just showed up when he had literally just posted the vacancy. The best part of this story is I manifested the entire thing!  The rent was what I asked for also and I was even able to negotiate the terms of the lease to better suit my manifest.

It felt so surreal that I actually started to question it in my head wondering if this was the right venue. Did this really happen? I quickly got over that moment of insanity and began to really examine this entire process.  I immediately thanked the universe and my guides and I saluted myself for having the wisdom to follow through with this even when I was led to that location blindly.
If you are going to manifest, you have to be open and ready when it comes to you.



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In 2011 Sandi became certified in Oncology Aesthetics which offers safe, comfortable skin care to those with treatment induced conditions, as well as adults and teens with normal skin issues. This resulted in the creation of Hands of Ki Holistic Center in Watertown, NY. Her clients have the opportunity to combine Reiki with any skin care service or to schedule a separate session. For more information, visit her website:

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