They Say That Waking Up Is Hard To Do


Hello again friends and welcome. Today I would like to talk about a subject that has had much written about it. In metaphysical circles and groups of conscious-minded folks you will often hear this matter discussed. It’s known as “Ascension Symptoms.”

Generically speaking, it is the feelings one gets in their mind, body, and spirit when they set themselves on the path of seeking conscious awareness of that which is locked up in their soul, just aching to be set free. People will often say that they are on their spiritual path.  A few of these symptoms may include a feeling of needing to spend long periods of time in contemplation away from family and friends. Perhaps changing jobs because the old one doesn’t feed the soul. Relationships, romantic or otherwise, fade away and the other person doesn’t understand why you have changed. You may no longer resonate with the energy dynamic of your family and begin seeking more like-minded companionship. And there are physical signs as well. You may develop an intolerance to heavy-type foods that, in the past, you loved. The need to use alcohol to escape may fade away because what used to make you feel good now makes you feel bad. You may get a buzzing feeling in your head and feel dizzy as your crown chakra begins to activate like never before. The list goes on and on and I urge everyone reading these words to simply do a web search for ascension symptoms to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon.

The reason I’m writing to you today is to present this issue to you in a way that you may not read about without digging deeply into the subject. My awareness at this point was literally born through my own pain, sweat, and tears of growing in awareness without being aware of it.

I’ve been on my own path of spiritual awareness for about fifteen years or so. In those early days, I had a strong feeling that many wonderful things awaited if I could surrender control of my destiny and ask for help from those loving energies who had the power to assist. I remember standing in the bathroom one day and saying out loud to God to please help me “wake up” as it were. I said that I would go through anything and accept any changes that were needed to make me a more spiritual being. Oh Shit! I can tell you, be careful what you ask for. My life turned upside down as thoughts, fears, and emotions bubbled to the surface. I had no choice but to face them head on and try to get through them alone. Sometime later I lost a twenty-two year old job of reasonably low vibration and had to seek new employment. My marriage of eighteen years fell apart in ninety days and was completely over in seven months. I lost my house and said goodbye to friends and moved to the big city to start over. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For some strange reason I never panicked. In fact, I embraced the changes and rolled with the punches. I knew that the old system must be dismantled so a new life could unfold. Now I have a new life and an amazing wife with a comfortable home and a good job. I’ve somehow manage to have everything I wanted so I’m obviously feeling on top of the world. Right? Well… not exactly.

ascension symptomsYou see, when one puts themselves on the road to consciousness it’s not smooth and easy. It’s more often bumpy and rough. There are times when a pothole develops that will nearly throw you clean off the road all together. These bumps and jostles are caused by our resistance to face our fears and out-of-balance emotions as a war rages within. On one hand our soul is struggling to break free from the pain of our past but there is also a deep resistance to give up that which we have grown accustomed too. It’s odd how we feel more comfortable holding on to trauma because we fear the unknown of releasing it.

Often our issues can only be dealt with a little at a time. A small piece is nibbled away and a healing takes place for a short time until the balance of the issue returns for us to take another bite. And here’s another point I would like to make. We fancy ourselves to be the intelligent and open-minded sort. We feel we can shape and mold ourselves to any situation but to be completely honest we are too often rigid and unbending when our beliefs are challenged, even when presented with new experiences that show beyond reasonable doubt that our old views were naïve or just plain wrong. I find it very curious to think that nearly all of our beliefs and convictions are built on the opinions and beliefs of others. Maybe there’s some truth to them and maybe there’s not, but when we have an undeniable experience that contradicts our belief, we very often discount the experience and tell ourselves that it was only our imagination or that we really didn’t see a spirit in the bedroom. In these regards, perhaps we are the least adaptable of all Earth’s creatures.

So here I am, many years after starting my path to “enlightenment”.  I once thought I would reach a point when I would be filled with so much happiness that I would walk around with a big stupid grin on my face. I would be the wise sage dishing out wisdom to my disciples and when someone would ask me how to become enlightened I would smile and say that if they had to ask then they couldn’t know. Well folks I’ll be honest, I was an idiot. The one thing I do know for sure is that it’s not always easy being me, this path is a hard road to hoe but I don’t want to stop now. Being conscious of my consciousness is a 24/7 job for sure and I feel that in earnest, I’ve just begun. There is so many amazing experiences to be had as the intricate matrix of the universe slowly reveals itself to me, one tiny piece at a time. I have to constantly remind myself that not all things come about in my timeline but will come about when it’s time. They say that waking up is hard to do, but dear God I do love it so!

Peace Folks, Patrick



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Patrick Shalosky

Patrick Shalosky is a natural born intuitive and empath who incarnated into this lifetime to bring forth ancient wisdom and knowledge. He is also a Certified Hypnotist trained by the world renowned Author and Hypnotist Dick Sutphen and the International Hypnosis Federation with a focus on spiritual hypnosis taking people into their Past Lives, Soul Retrieval, Back-To-The-Cause, Soul-Group Regression and Parallel Lives.

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