The Story You Tell


Do you find your life repeating certain patterns or themes?  Have you ever thought about what type of movie your life would be?  Do you wonder why you go through certain experiences over and over again?

When it comes to this human existence, we all have a story to tell.  That is the story of our life.  We tell it through sharing the experiences that we are having.  We tell it by how we live our life.  We tell it through our explorations, choices, what we seek and do, and say.  How we live and the experiences we are having here, is our story.

However, I find that not too many really look at the story that they are living and telling.  Some tell their story through the relationships they have, while others tell their story through the experiences they go through, others tell their story through the illnesses and challenges that they face.  No matter who we are, we have a story.

what is your storyOne of the keys that I have learned is to really look at the story that I am telling and living.  While I am not concerned with whether others like it or want to be a part of it, I do find value in being aware of it for this can help us to understand where we are “stuck” and where we are “thriving” and, in general, what works and doesn’t work.

It can tell us the natural currents we get swept up in.  Life might be a comedy, tragedy, drama, soap opera, action adventure, talk show, or pure and simple entertainment.  We have the power to change our story if we want, however, most will relive their themes over and over again.  They will hang onto the story line letting it play out in different scenarios.

Why do we this?

Our story is a valuable part of our truth.  It may not BE our truth but it is a valuable part of getting to our truth.  Our stories in life hold a very important role and that is to help us discover and shine light on our true self.  They are a catalyst of self-discovery; although, at times, they feel more like a recipe for disaster.

Our true self is living consciously and being our whole loving essence.  It is compassion, love, and wisdom in motion.  It is what is known as immortal happiness, the kind that does not go away.  It is operating from the wisdom of the soul self in a way that allows us to create favorable results for ourselves and others.

So, when we encounter drama, illness, and other such challenges in our stories, they are simply serving as ways to trigger a connection to our true self.  They are signs that we have forgotten who we are, and so, present us with the opportunity to find it again.  It encourages a searching, seeking and conscious focus on seeing our true self again.

Often times, the repeating of our story is a way to try to stay in touch with our true self.  We hold the story in place, often through something we deem as “negative” or “undesirable” because we know that through it we will continue to become aware of our own wholeness.  We take actions through these things that are connected to being compassionate with ourselves and others which places us in a position to operate as our true self.

So, for many, they fear to let go of the story which plays out through challenges because they are afraid that they won’t know or be connected to their true self without it.  It has become a habit, a pattern, and catalyst for connection.  This is like people that feel they need to meet over food, drink, activity because they are afraid they can’t just connect and talk without a catalyst or reason to do so.

However, we always have the power to choose to make our story one of living as our true self, or to bring a wrap to the stories and simply be our true self knowing that we are always connected, and that we can live connected.  Our stories help us to make the connection, but they are not necessary to hold in place.  As humans, however, we often get wrapped in the Earthly distortions that pull us out of that connection and so back into another story we go.

In the realm of codes, a story is what creates the balance to connect us with our true immortality.  It is what offers us the opportunity to find peace and love and to be peace and love.  Our story is what we will be remembered for, and what helps us remember ourselves.

How well do you know your story?  How is your story connecting you with your truth?  Are you ready to live without a story?



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Jesse Ann Nichols George

Jesse Ann Nichols George is an author of 4 books and an Integrated Development Specialist with over 33 years of experience assisting others with their life processes. She is a spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, and a holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. Jesse is a 13th generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating harmony and nature. Her work encompasses both Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and hosts her own radio show.

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