The Reality Within the Dream


When I awoke in a different place, it was quite unsettling. No alarm-clock on the table, in fact, no table at all. I looked around to see chipmunks scurrying this way and that way, excitedly exclaiming, “she’s awake” before ducking out of sight.  To my surprise, my bed was not my queen-size, oak, four-poster but actually a bed of leaves and straw surrounded by rose petals under a willow tree.  I stood up slowly not knowing where I was or what I would encounter next. Everything was bright, filled with vibrant colors and for some odd reason I felt a complete sense of peace and well-being. As I emerged from under the embrace of the willow branches, I saw a sign that read, “It is your choice which path you take.” Curious, I stood in front of a single path. For a long moment I stayed in that spot wondering what the sign actually meant. As I took that first step everything changed and a web of colored paths emerged in front of me. Bewildered, I started to feel the first pangs of anxiety.

It felt like hours before I was able to move my feet and take that next step. I stuck my toe on a red path and all the web disappeared leaving a single path of red before me. I giggled with joy and began down this path with the carefree abandon of a child. I suddenly fell into a puddle of yellow slime and realized I had stopped paying attention to where I was going.  I had been so preoccupied thinking about the chipmunks I had seen and where they scurried off to, I had not seen the puddle. As I raised my head and looked around, the web of colored paths were back and the anxiety suddenly filled my entire being, for I was sitting on a crossroad of yellow and red.  I dipped my fingers into the puddle of yellow slime and slowly lifted them to my lips. The slime was bitter and as I did this the red path faded and left only the yellow path before me. With the bitter taste still on my lips, I looked behind me into the void. There was no going back.

I wandered down this path very slowly watching where I was stepping, all the while worried about falling into another puddle of slime and at the same time thinking about the path I had been on previously. I kept thinking about all the flowers that had lined the red path and the fact that I never stopped long enough to enjoy them. I had been watching my step for some time following the yellow path when I came upon another sign that read, “It is your choice whether or not you enjoy the journey.” I stopped in complete surprise as I realized the only thing I had seen along the yellow path had been my own feet. I had been so concerned with what could happen that I missed anything that might have been enjoyable. As I looked back over my shoulder, the yellow path had faded to nothing and as I turned back to the sign, it was gone. Before me was the web, only the paths had turned into staircases that went in all directions. I closed my eyes deciding what to do, and as I opened my eyes again I was in my bed and the alarm was playing a Beatles’ tune.

The above story is just that, a story and not an actual dream. It is a representation of how bizarre some dreams can appear, yet be filled with metaphors and symbols that can assist you in recognizing things that are going on in your life. For the last eleven months, I have been providing readers with a means of having their dreams interpreted for them through the magazine. I will still be writing my regular column for Bellesprit, however, I am turning the dream column over to someone else while I work on my book. Pamela Cummings, the owner of Successful Relationships, will be accepting your emails and your dreams and doing the interpretations for the magazine while I work on my book. Below is Pam’s message.

“I am very honored that Kimberly has asked me to fill in to write her column, “It Was Only A Dream Or Was It?” while she takes a sabbatical. I have always been fascinated by dreams and have been a student/teacher of the language of dreams for many years. Dreams help us to discover ourselves and to improve our lives. To get a better idea of how I work with dreams read my blog series on it at Whether it is Kimberly or myself helping our readers interpret their dreams, in the end you are the best interpreter of your dreams.” 

If you have had a dream that you would like to have interpreted, email Pamela at: . Dreams will appear in Bellesprit Magazine with the interpretation. I have enjoyed reading and interpreting all the dreams that you have sent me over the last year. I wish you all well in 2013.

Many Blessings,




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