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I started the Malliard Report on May 27, 2011 and, with the third anniversary quickly approaching, I thought I would take this time to talk about the history of the report, where it is now, and where I hope to go with it in the future.

As most of my readers and listeners know, I have a background in Paranormal Investigating. I have done close to 100 private investigations. The Malliard Report was started because of a passion for the truth and the mysteries of the unknown, hoping to someday find some answers.  I interview guests from all walks of life, from Paranormal Investigators to Mediums and Psychics, across the board to Authors and Scientists. There hasn’t been a guest or topic to date that I have found to be taboo. I tackle each interview with an open mind and my loyal listeners appreciate the wide range of topics that I address. If I had to use three words to describe the Malliard Report they would be live, fast and truthful.

As with many projects in life, the Malliard Report was a slow go at first, one network and probably just as many listeners, but three years later, I am on thirty one different networks including am/FM stations, in the top 1000 on Stitcher, and have helped forge many lasting friendships between my listeners through social media with a group called the Quackrew, and those relationships are probably my best reward.

I am constantly pushing full steam ahead, notebook and pen in hand, with new ideas flowing like a tsunami.  A workaholic? Perhaps. Passionate about putting forward the best possible show I can? Definitely, but there is another project on my horizon called Paranormal Standards. I felt with the popularity of paranormal investigating growing at a fast pace, it was time to have the community come together, not in unity, but from a place of procedural integrity, for new investigators to have a place to turn to for advice, rather than thinking they can learn all they need to know from a few staged and edited television series.  I am hoping that members of our paranormal community will join me in making Paranormal Standards part of the norm when it comes to holding investigations. So, please join me on Twitter @ParaStandards and let’s start an open and frank discussion about fixing the wrongs within the field.

What’s next for the Malliard Report, will I do more than one show per week, will I do a two hour show?  To find out, keep listening and until next time… Keep Quacking!




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Jim Malliard

Column: The Malliard Report |  Jim Malliard grew up with the paranormal practically woven into his DNA. When he was as young as 3 years old, he would spend time in cemeteries with his family talking to his friends who where unseen; and to this day, those experiences have left him wondering and fueled his drive to seek out the truth. Jim now lives in northwestern Pennsylvania with his family. He runs Meadville Paranormal and his radio show, The Malliard Report, from there. You can hear his show on Tuesdays at 9 pm Eastern time  via the many internet radio networks. Find out more at .

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