The Love Channel – Should I Go Back To My Ex?


Should you go back to him depends on whether you have 80% of this in your relationship.

Dear Pamela,

What does it mean when they say a man has ‘nested’ with a woman?


Dear Sylvia:

I’m getting a vision of a bird’s nest with the mother feeding her chicks opened becks, the father flies into the nest with a worm. This vision is showing that when a man has nested with a woman, he is part of her home and family.

My guides are holding up a big sign with the word However on it. I understand that sign to mean this term varies with each man. I got a quick flash of a biker guy and another guy who looks like a player. Some men who are ‘nested’ with a woman are using the woman or won’t be there for long. I’m hearing the song “Show Me” by the Cover Girls, which means a man will show you whether he is truly ‘nested” with you by his actions.


The following statement was from a fellow psychic, “A question I often get is should I go back to him … I think the operative question should be when is enough- enough?” Many of my clients have asked me the same question; therefore, I felt it would be perfect for the column.

relationshipsMy guides just said, “When you ask yourself this question of going back to him, you’re answering this question by how you feel inside, what does your gut tell you?” They’re adding, “Actions speak louder than words.” In my mind’s eye I saw 8o%. What that vision means to me is that eighty percent of the time your ex is an ex for a mighty good reason –  the relationship is no longer working, harmful to both of you, and that chapter is over.

Let’s go back to what my guides are saying about how do you feel inside: are you feeling lonely, are you afraid of being alone, and/or do you feel like you will never meet anyone ever again? If you answer yes to one or more of those question this shows that it is a terrible idea to get back together with him! Those reasons are fearful, selfish, and not made out of love. How can this relationship possibly work when you are so wounded? You need to start healing your wounds, while walking the path of personal growth, self-love, and spirituality.

How about his actions? Are those actions respectful and loving? Does he show up on time or call you when running late? Where and how do you spend your time together? Have you met his family and friends? When he speaks to you in private or at a gathering, are is words kind? Has he been faithful to you? I could go on and on, yet you need to be able to answer these questions. If most of your answers are negative there is no reason to stay in the relationship. Just a reminder, do not accept any abusive behavior, whether that is verbal, mental, emotional, or physical.

Were your answers positive to the questions asked in the previous paragraph? He treats you with love and respect, shows up, speaks to you in a kind and positive words when he is alone and with his loved ones, and has been faithful. You and him go out on fun dates, have long conversations, help each other with problems and chores, and spend time making love. Then, congratulations the two of you are in the twenty percent bracket.

I’m in agreement with my guides that deep down inside you truly know whether or not you should go back to him. There is no perfect relationship as we all have flaws and life issues; although, a relationship that is worth being in is wonderful at least 80% of the time. Could that be what your relationship is/was like?


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