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Good day, Pamela, I can’t seem to find a life partner since I’ve been single for 6 years, now. Every time I feel attracted to someone, we somehow drift apart and/or they reject me.

I feel that I have bad luck with relationships. I am fine being alone because I’m independent, but now I feel I need someone.

Please assist me,


the love channelDear T,

I’m hearing an old song by Dr. Hook “Sharing the night together,’ which is symbolic for you desire more than a sexual relationship as you need someone who can be by your side night after night in a committed relationship. With that I heard my guides say, “It is coming.” I keep getting that your life partner needed to go through a divorce first; honestly, I’m not sure if they completed it or not.

Also, you have learned what you don’t want; yet are also teaching others the same lesson. My guides added, “If it was meant to be, it would have, trust in the timing.” Your mate will also like and accept the independent side of you. For some reason October feels very good for you love wise, which could mean you’re meeting your soul mate or are in a committed relationship by then.

My Angels are asking you to be careful with your thoughts in regards to your love life because there is a tendency to go into the negative, instead think and say positive words. Use affirmations (positive words) to manifest love in the right timing; such as I am attracting my life partner. I’m hearing, “Say your affirmation over and over until you get sick of it.” Please continue to work on your own personal growth and spiritual journey, for this energy is magnified tenfold and the vibrations are sent out to speed up your soulmate’s growth.

Lastly, I got that you need to heal your thoughts and emotions about sex. Whether this is: all they want me for is sex, past sexual relationships, or some type of sexual abuse. Please keep your pants on and be celibate until you meet the right one.   Whatever the issues is this will also speed up the process. You may want to read the letter to singles below.


To all singles:

T’s email reminded me of some of my client’s love life. I also have been in your shoes and understand how frustrating this situation is. Once upon a time, I had been single for five years when I asked another psychic the famous question, “When am I going to meet someone.” Her response was, “You need to love and work on yourself.” I felt so frustrated at that answer because I had been doing that five whole years. Now, a few decades ago later, I can let you in on a little secret – if you want a healthy and good quality relationship with your lifetime mate, you will always be working on yourself. Before you meet them, during the relationship, and if you outlive them, after they have departed from the planet Earth.

Here’s seven reasons why you haven’t met “the one” yet:

  1. It’s not time.
  2. You are not ready.
  3. They are not ready.
  4. You have more work to do on yourself.
  5. They have more work to do on themselves.
  6. Fear is holding you or them back.
  7. One of you has to move to the area they live in order to meet.

I remember a psychic friend of mine said, “My clients always want to know when they are going to meet the one. What they don’t realize is sometime they have to go through the wrong ones in order to learn the lesson so they can get to the one.” That’s pretty profound, yet makes so much sense. The relationships with the wrong ones can teach you:

  • How to make boundaries.
  • To stand up for yourself.
  • What you will not accept in a relationship.
  • That lust isn’t love.
  • Acceptance of who the person is instead of trying to change them, which never works.
  • Love isn’t always receptacle.
  • Unconditional love.

Singles, please don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t been in a relationship for years or meet the right one by a certain age. You are on life’s journey to learn lessons, grow, and enhance your self-love.  When you are both ready for the love of a lifetime, it will occur. Sending you many blessings…

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