The Love Channel: Men Behaving Badly to Women on Social Media


Pamela Cummins discusses how to handle the bad boys of Social Media.

Dear Pamela:

I’m a 29 year old married woman. I have three social media accounts because of my business, for the most part I enjoy being on social media. But what drives me crazy is men hitting on me! They private message me, leave comments on my post, and one pig even sent me a picture of his junk! On some my profiles it says that I’m married.  What is wrong with these men?


Dear Disgusted:

“Immature, sad, frightened little boys,” my guides are saying, “They want a woman so bad, but don’t know how to go about it.” I’m also hearing, “They have no idea how to talk to a female and it’s easier to hide behind a computer. These men really don’t know any better.” In my mind’s eye, I’m seeing the male characters from the show, Big Bang Theory, which is symbolic of how some of these men are.

“Don’t respond,” is what I am hearing, while getting a vision of an eraser. “Go about your business and don’t pay them any attention. That will help weed them out.”

There are some wackos out on the internet which aren’t the same as the above men. They tend to prey on insecure women – teens, is what I heard, sometimes a little older. As far as you being in any danger from these men, the answer was a strong NO. I’m picking up from your energy that you have a good head on your shoulders, plus street smarts. Please continue to use both.

Now, I would like to respond from my experiences as a self-employed woman. As Oprah often said, “I hear you!” You are not the only one this happens to, as I heard many of my female colleagues complain about what you’re going through. Young women get targeted the most; nonetheless, I’m in my 50’s and still have to deal with this crap, too.

Some of these men respect the fact a woman is in a relationship, while others will not. Sadly, there are men who like the challenge of getting a woman to leave her mate or desire a no strings relationship. While other men wouldn’t know what to do if you were truly interested in them.

Here are some suggestions of what to do when this happens:

  • Don’t accept them as connections, friends, or followers if you get a weird vibe from them.
  • Never give out any personal information.
  • Respond with kindness to let them know you’re not interested or involved in a relationship.
  • Ignore any further interactions if they have not respected your boundary.
  • Delete any further comments.
  • Block them from your social media account.
  • Report them to the site’s administration.

Thankfully, the majority of men on social media are really great guys. Please don’t allow these few men to take that away, nor ruin your day.



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