The Love Channel – May 2017 – The Age-Old Question


All women want to know when they’re going to get married!

Dear Pamela,

Can you tell me when I will get married?


marriageHi Felicia:

This is the second most asked question by women, right after the number one question, ‘when is he going to call?’ What I’m getting for you is that it will happen soon, within a year or two. But first, you have more self-growth to do. My guides are saying, “Ah, you humans want everything right away on a silver platter without having to work on yourself. Yet, you are on this planet to grow. Grow in self-love, grow in spirituality, and help the healing of humans and the planet. It’s not all about when you’re getting married.”

I was guided to pull two oracle cards, which one represents telling your story and the other is being a nurturer.  I’m getting various meanings for both cards. Let’s go with telling your story; funny, my guides just said, “Oh, woe is me.” This feels like this meaning is not only for you, but for other people as well. We get stuck in our story of drama, hurt, ego, and unfairness of life. We need to look at what happened, process our feelings, and let it go. But, don’t get stuck in being the victim of how unfair it all is. My guides are stating, “Just like the Jones’ wanting more of what others have, you people get stuck in your competition of woe, and who has the most horrible story.”

The second meaning of the storyteller card is to rewrite your own story: accept what happened in the past and where you are today, have the courage to change the things you can; for instance, leave an unfulfilling situation, and trust that good things are going to happen.

The nurturer card also has two meanings. The first meaning is to be careful of being too much of a caretaker, for it has turned men off in your past. With that, I heard a boy’s voice say, “Mommy.” I understand that we, women, have a tendency to mother men. Which leads to the second meaning – it is important to nurture yourself first, for your husband will love that about you, as well as your independence.

I’m getting a vision of a man from the neck down in a business suit, which is my symbol for a man who is clean because he has worked on his issues and is financially stable.  His energy also feels strong and independent. I’m getting a vision of him reaching out to you as he pulls you closer to him. You two are at the altar about to be married. I’m hearing the song by U2, “Two hearts that beat as one.” My guides added, “Yet independent, two souls that entwined as one, and can separate into their own individual self. This is what marriage is all about.”

I feel a man’s energy around you right at this moment, although I’m not sure if it is energetic or in the physical. Please know that you are meant to be married. My guides said, “Soon, very soon.”


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