The Love Channel: Love Offers No Guarantees


There are no guarantees in love and relationships.


Dear Pamela: 

I’ve known this guy for over a year. We both recently ended two-year relationships and decided to build a foundation with one another. In the midst of us dating for a few months, he stated he was still in love with his ex and wanted to see if it was repairable. However, we have had tons of communication about how we work, mesh, and are the best for one another. We make each other feel great when we’re around each other as it feels so real and natural. Both have the qualities and possibilities of a long term relationship. He tells me to trust the process because we have told one another that we love each other. I strongly feel that we are meant to be and lord knows how long it could take. I’m just taking a chance here to get some understanding or some kind of answer. Please help! 

Many thanks,

Dear Ronnie:

no guarantee in loveMy guides are saying, “It’s a long, long road to the right one with no guarantees of success.” With that I heard the song “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places,” by Johnny Lee.  I got a vision of a saloon where cowboys are playing poker.

What all that information means in the prior paragraph is finding the love of our life can take a short while or long while with no guarantees of success. Often we look for love in the wrong places or people. In other words, love and relationships are a gamble that you need to be in it to win it.

Ronnie, your love interest hasn’t closed the door, finished his lessons, nor healed from his prior relationship. My guides are saying, “Rebound, rebound, rebound.” Both of you were rebounding from other relationships. Part of the reason you two were brought together was to heal from your previous relationships, which neither of you fully did.

As uncomfortable as I’m typing this, my guides keep repeating this – a big part of you is looking for this guy to make your life better. He can’t make your life fulfilled, only you can do that. I heard – He-Dox. This means you need to detox by taking a time out from this man to allow you to heal and let go of your prior relationship to be able to end that chapter. I heard, “You time.” Please take some you time to do the things you love. Also, I’m picking up that you need to focus on your career, plus life’s work. For some reason I’m getting that your career and life’s work are separate, yet together.

Do you two have a chance for a future relationship? My guides are saying, “There is a strong possibility of it in the future.” However, if you two haven’t resolved the issues from your last relationships, you will end up repeating this cycle of being close, then one pulls away. That is confirmed by a vision of two hamsters on a wheel in my mind’s eye.

I’m not negating your feelings towards each other or the connection, because it is real. You have known each other before.  My guides added, “Many, many, many lifetimes.” I got quick flashes of ancient Egyptians, an African village, an Israelite tribe walking, and Native Americans in tribal wars. Karma does need to be balanced between you two.

“Accept the things you cannot change,” is what my guides told me. I heard the song “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship; therefore miracles can happen. Focus on yourself, spend time doing your life’s work, and do fun things. Trust the process that life takes you on.



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