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Find love by getting off the merry-go-round of unresolved patterns.

Dear Pamela:

I was wondering if you would please tell me how and where I will meet a good man. I’ve been having issues finding good men my whole life. I don’t want to be too eager, but I don’t go to a lot of places to meet them. I’ve been so discouraged lately because I just want to find a good man that accepts me and my boys. I want them to have a father figure to grow up with.

My ex keeps messaging me and wants things to work between us. I guess it didn’t work out before as he got sick of my kids never listening to me and my not having any control with them. Should I even bother or not bother? I’m just in a moment where I need a little guidance to help me through and lead me onto the right path.


loveDear Sylvia:

“Ding, ding,” are the warning bells I am hearing, as I get a vision of a hand pointing out, with three pointing back. When I read your question and after I wrote the last sentence I got an image of a merry-go-round. What this means is you are ignoring the signs the Universe is giving you, looking outside yourself, and repeating the same patterns over and over.

Before you even think about a quality relationship with a man, you need to get your children in order, or you will have the same problems whether it’s with your ex or someone else. That’s confirmed by me seeing a chipped, bumpy piece of wood, which someone is painting over with white paint. This is symbolic for what you’re doing when not dealing with your children’s discipline problem by painting over them. Yet, that is just a symptom of your problems as this goes deeper into your childhood.

You need to get your house in order, with that I’m getting a vision of a woman cleaning her house. Perhaps, you need to literally clean your home; however, this feels more like your inner house. To clean your inner home, you need to: clear out past issues, work on your personal/spiritual growth, continue increasing your self-love, create healthy boundaries, and lovingly be stricter with your children.

To answer the question regarding your ex, he’s a good man for the most part. My guides are being blunt, “He loves you enough to put up with your crap.” Meaning he wants to be with you enough that he will accept your wild children, where most men would be out the door.

My feeling is you’re looking for a man that doesn’t exist at the moment. I’m also getting that your inner child wants a man to rescue you, while overlooking the good qualities your ex has. I’m hearing the Stevie Wonder song, “If you really love me.” You need to look within to see if you really love him since I’m picking up your doubts.

I’m getting a vision of a local bus, which represents your ex. The local bus is a good bus that goes where you need it to go, while teaching you the lessons you need to learn. Next, I see you looking at a very handsome man, whose muscular arms are waxing a silver Roller Royce. If you want that type of relationship, you need to do a ton of work on yourself.

Lastly, I do feel great potential with your ex, I pulled some oracle cards for you two. These cards are to let you know that if you’re willing to work on yourself and your relationships with him, you could have – quality time to spend together with just each other, a wedding, and honeymoon.

I sent you healing energy and will keep you in my prayers.


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