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Valentine’s Day Advice for Singles

Dear Singles:

If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone, you may feel disheartened, while wondering if you are ever going to meet someone. Yes, you will meet your special partner; however, only when you are ready for the lessons that occur during a love relationship. It is extremely important to continue working on your personal and spiritual growth to ensure a loving partnership. Wouldn’t you prefer a healthy relationship instead of one filled with chaos and drama?

The following affirmation is from my upcoming Personal Growth Affirmations eBook:

valentines dayGive Love on Valentine’s Day

Many moons ago, I was alone on Valentine’s Day. I felt heavy hearted and binged on mega amounts of chocolate and candy. That made matters worse. Boy, did my tummy ache! May you learn from my lesson not to stuff emotions through gluttonous eating.

If you’re feeling disappointed in regards to Valentines’ Day, know that you have the strength to turn discontentment into love. Allow yourself an hour of the blues by using a timer: cry, journal, pound a pillow, yell, or confide in someone safe. Once the timer rings, it’s time to get off the pity pot.

Think of ways you can spread the love. You could buy candy and/or a box of Valentines’ cards to give to people at work, family members, friends, or clients. Volunteer and give service to animals or people in need. Give yourself the gift of self-love by getting a massage or other form of pampering. Send out the love energy through intention and meditation.

I am giving love on Valentine’s Day and every day.

You could use the italicized mantra throughout the year, for isn’t every day a good day to love? Please be patient for the right one to come along. This I can promise you – Mr. or Ms. Right is worth the wait.

Personal Growth Affirmations eBook

We all need to work on our personal growth, whether we are single or in a relationship. Even when we cross over to the Great Beyond our lessons continue… This is why I am pleased to announce my fifth eBook to assist you on this journey. Here’s the book description:

Do you desire more happiness and peace in your daily living? Did you know that you can have the life you always dreamed of?  Change is possible; however, all transition starts within. Personal Growth Affirmations will motivate you to begin the process of your transformation journey with fifty-two weekly affirmations to be used for self-help and/or meditation.

Some of the topics are: self-love, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, boundaries, meditation, connecting with a Higher Source, the ups and downs of living, and much more. The affirmations have questions to inspire reflection, action steps to help you transcend, and a short mantra to be chanted any time you feel the need. Manifestation of your aspirations becomes reality by applying the wisdom of each affirmation. Now is the time to start your journey…

This eBook will be released on March 3, 2018 and is now available for preorder with a savings of $3.00. That’s right, if you preorder you will only pay 99 cents! On February 16, 2018 the eBook’s cover will be revealed. Please visit  for the cover reveal and to preorder the eBook.

I wish you much love on your personal growth journey…



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