The Love Channel: Did My Husband Have an Affair with My Sister?


A woman writes to Pamela for answers and guidance for the future of her marriage.

Dear Pamela:

I would truly appreciate your help. This past September my husband got a hotel room in the early evening instead of going to work. He invited my older sister to come join him and hang out, which she did. My husband told me he had mentioned to her how he’d thought about the two of them hooking up once she got there, but swears nothing happened at all between them, and they just hung out. My question is, did he have sex or come close to having sex with her while hanging out in his hotel room?

From a Concerned Wife

Dear Concerned Wife:

I feel that this is eating you up on the inside causing you not to trust your husband and affecting your marriage. I’m not getting they had sex, yet I’m not getting they were innocent either. I feel a lot of flirting, innuendos, and some making out. I keep getting a vision of a man’s bulge in his crotch area of his pants.  I see your sister as the one who stopped the removal of clothes because of her guilt feelings.

My guides are giving me a peek into your husband’s mind at the time of the incident; he thought of your sister being an extension of you, therefore he really wasn’t cheating. He liked the challenge. Honestly, Concerned Wife, the energy I pick up around him is he has a hard time being with just one woman. I hate to say it, but there is a possibility he could be unfaithful in the future.

The energy I picked up about your sister is a lot of insecurity. She’s not stupid and knew what he was thinking when she went to the hotel room. She has lots of unresolved issues and jealousy towards you from childhood, although her love for you is strong.

I’m hearing the Kiss song, “Do you love me?” That song has two meanings. The first meaning is you wonder if your husband really loves you. My guides replied, “Yes, he does, but he has a lot of growing up to do. He’s got issues in his tissues.” Secondly, do you love yourself? My guides just said, “Go to therapy, there is a reason you chose him.”

“Can this marriage be saved,” is what I hear my guides say. I get a vision of a woman looking in a mirror that is on a wooden stand. She moves the mirror back and forth to see the best angles of herself. This is instantly followed by another vision of a woman’s hand over a map with a magnifying glass. I hear, “My dear, you are always looking at things on the outside, it is time to start looking within.” With that message, I see you stepping inside of the mirror.

Now is the time to really start working on yourself. That is confirmed by my guides playing the song and I’m seeing Dorothy and the gang following the yellow brick road. I feel that you are young on the path of spiritual and personal growth; I get a vision of you moving big rocks and sweeping a path. The road is hard at the beginning, yet I keep seeing you at the age of fifty, very serene and grateful that you took this journey. My guides are letting you know that if you start working on yourself now, things will be much easier in five years. I’m hearing the Led Zeppelin song “The song remains the same,” and seeing dirty, stagnant water. Please don’t allow fear of growing keep you stuck.

I keep seeing small children around you which means you have children, will have children in the future, work with children, or there are spirit children guiding you. You may not like the one thing that keeps coming up, although I must say it – you will outgrow your husband. I see you maturing much faster than him. I see him resisting therapy or anything to help him with his issues. If you choose to stay in this marriage, you will be the one putting in the most effort. “70 to 30 percent,” is what I am hearing.

As a psychic, I respect free will because everything in life is a learning process. Concerned wife, you get to choose the lessons and the pace of what knowledge you wish to partake. I feel the energy around you swirling and growing. There is so much potential for you to be a huge success in life. I can’t say when this will happen, although the one thing I do know for sure is that your second marriage will be filled with much happiness, trust, respect, and acceptance of who you are.

Many Blessings,

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