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7 Signs of Your Destiny, Soul Mate

finding the right loveLast night, I watched the movie My Ex-Ex with my partner. When the main character, Mary, went to a psychic, she was told that her ex was coming back into her life.  Mary’s response went something along these lines, “When, how long, like soon?” My partner started laughing while he was observing my response since he knows I have dealt with those types of questions. For the most part, I was impressed with the way the psychic handled that question. Later in the movie, the psychic pointed out that we can’t control the destiny of who we are supposed to be within this lifetime, when Mary complained that it was her ex-ex that showed up in her life, instead of her current ex. Of course, the movie also made the psychic look like she was giving some phony information to make money.

Let’s focus on how we can’t always control the destiny of our life partner; however, we can control our attitude. Now I hear you saying, “But, we have free will!” Yes, we do; nevertheless there are certain people we are destined to meet to teach us lessons, as well as aid our spiritual growth. What we choose to do with those people is up to us.

Many moons ago, I received a call from a woman when I worked on a psychic line. This woman wanted to know about her love life, which I received information on two men. One of the men was an attractive “bad boy” who would treat her miserably. My guides wanted me to focus on the other man as he was a good catch; nevertheless, the caller became upset because she didn’t want to hear about him, she desired to hear about the Mr. Bad Boy. This caller called me three times in a two week period and received the same information, as a result, she left me a mediocre review for I wouldn’t give her the information she wanted to hear. Talk about being controlling!

Here’s what I picked up physically on the woman above after she stopped calling me: deep down inside she knew the “bad boy” wasn’t right for her, Mr. Wrong was only in her life to help her resolved issues, she wasn’t ready to work on herself, the relationship was horrible, and she missed out on a destiny life partner. Can you imagine how much happier her love life would be if she just gave the nice guy a chance?

You may be wondering how you will know if a person is your destiny. The following are seven signs:

  • They’re interested in getting to know who you are.
  • You can always be yourself around him/her.
  • He/she accepts your flaws, while still loving you.
  • He/she treats you with respect.
  • They are reliable, so you can trust them.
  • Your life is better with them in it.
  • Both of you have grown in a positive manner.

If a potential mate is pressuring you to have sex when you’re not ready, constantly puts you down, causes more drama in your life, or is unreliable – they are not your destiny. Instead, this person is in your life to teach you something about yourself. Learn the lesson quickly, then move on.

Does the character, Mary, get to be with her destiny mate? Watch the movie My Ex-Ex to find out.

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