The Love Channel: An Ex For A Reason


An ex is an ex for a reason! Allow yourself time to heal from the relationship.

Hi Pamela:

I am currently in need of guidance in my current relationship. We have been through a bad break up. And he wants to get back together, what should I do? Are we meant to be? I love him a lot.


Hi Hilda:

For some reason I keep hearing the song lyric “Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr, which could have three meanings. The first is someone has a lover on the side. Another meaning could be that you two are keeping your relationship a secret from others. Thirdly, you both keep many secrets from each other; this is the interpretation that intuitively feels right to me.

“Open up your heart,” my guides are saying, “while keeping a watch if they’re worthy of your heart.” What I am interpreting all the above to me is this relationship has secrets, trust issues, criticism, plus at times manipulation energy. I got a vision of someone sweeping dirt while holding up a rug as I heard, “Stop sweeping everything underneath the rug.”

In my mind’s eye, I’m receiving a vision of you standing on a road that splits into two roads. One road is symbolic for you staying in this relationship that has a bunch of big bumps underneath the pavement; therefore, your love life will be filled with many ups and downs. The second road is smooth. I just heard Ashford and Simpson’s song “Solid as a Rock.” This means if you continue to be single, your path will be easier, without heartache, and an opportunity for a healthy, permanent relationship.

Hilda, this is a choice you need to make. My guides are reminding you – that an ex is an ex for a reason. While I was typing the last sentence Bonnie Tyler’s song “It’s a heartache” played in my head. Now, I’m being shown a scene from decades ago of a former friend complaining about her boyfriend. All these messages are pointing that there is a ton of issues within this relationship.

If you choose to stay in this relationship, be prepared to do the majority of the work. I received confirmation of that with a vision of him sitting back in a recliner while holding a remote, in other words, he has no desire to change. My guides said, “He’s got issues in his tissues.” Your ex/current boyfriend has many obstacles to overcome to be able to be in a stable, healthy relationship. At this moment in time, he will be on good behavior in the beginning of you taking him back. Then, within weeks to a month – the same old, same old – will occur. Honestly, I don’t see him changing.

I know you love him, interrupted by my guides message, “You need to love yourself first.” That information was confirmed by a vision of a coach doing a time out sign. What would be beneficial for you is to not be in any love relationship and do inner healing work on yourself. Personal and spiritual growth is needed at this time, for six months or longer. Or go back to him to repeat the same relationship pattern, which was confirmed by a vision of one of those gigantic, clear hamster balls that are made for humans.

My guides are playing the Eagles song, “In the long run.” In the long run: allowing yourself distance to heal from the relationship, enjoying your ‘me time’, and working on your personal growth will be for your highest good. This will prepare you for your future, long term soul mate.



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