The Importance of Clearing and Balancing the Chakras


Sitting in your favourite cafe, sipping a steaming cup of strong rich coffee, a song randomly comes through the speakers positioned above your head. Suddenly the background drops away and you are once again re-enacting a painful scene from your childhood.

Tears fill your eyes as vivid memories threaten to overwhelm you. The lump in your throat makes the hot sweet drink hard to swallow and you fight an ever-increasing urge to burst into loud sobs.

The music has unlocked negative blocked emotions stored within your heart Chakra and as the memories escalate you feel powerless to prevent strong feelings flooding into your consciousness. Urgently calling a friend for help, she suggests you visit a healer for a Chakra balance.

Throughout the challenges of daily life, it’s often difficult to avoid painful emotions that suddenly over power us without warning.  Perhaps it’s a particular song, a photograph or bumping into a past acquaintance that sparks off the memory, but the feelings are as intense as they were the day you first stored them away to avoid feeling emotional pain.

Without healing and clearing the Chakras, these negative emotions will keep reappearing and holding us back from our true path.

All of us have a life lesson to complete and the experiences attached to this are often so difficult to manage they get stored away until a time when we feel strong or mature enough to cope with them. Until that time arises the roadblock to a future filled with understanding and unconditional love will stay firmly in place and all unpleasant issues successfully avoided.

“Why does nothing ever work out for me?” we may lament.

A good healer will understand how to balance and clear the Chakras, dealing with the resulting release of emotions compassionately and with clarity.

chakra balancingChakras are the main energy systems of the Etheric system. If blocked with energy from negative reactions to life lessons the result could have a destructive effect on the closest physical organs of the body. Alternatively, the nervous system could be so impaired that a breakdown ensues.

If the process of storing negative energy continues, the Chakra may become severely impaired until it can barely function.

Chakras may be sensed by a healer as a resistance in the aura around the main chakra points. Directing healing energy to these areas with the assistance of crystals can gently release the blocks of negative energy and enable the free flow of restoring energy into the Chakra.

Each individual Chakra has a colour and the brightness which indicates the general health of the physical body. A treatment should always end with closing the Chakras back down to a comfortable level.

By having a regular healing and Chakra balancing treatment with a reputable therapist you are ensuring the health of your physical body, safeguarding your emotional balance and putting your two feet firmly on the path to spiritual advancement, peace and contentment.



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Column: Help and Healing | Elaine Good is a complementary therapist, psychic life coach, empathic counsellor, spiritual healer and stress management practitioner. Her aim is to gently assist others as they understand and progress through deep seated emotional blocks inspiring spiritual progression, enlightenment, inner peace and insight. For more information, see her facebook page:

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