The Bermuda Triangle – Divine Connection?


Could the Bermuda Triangle actually be a divine portal of energy?  Is what has been deemed “evil” or “scary” really something put in place to assure that the true Divine energy will always be available on this Earth?  Does the Bermuda Triangle have a much bigger part in our lives than we could have imagined?

I just love how a random spewed out piece of information can connect a thousand pieces.  As I was sitting with a group of people earlier today, one of the people that frequently spews off random tidbits of information starts talking about this new theory on the Bermuda Triangle and why it causes disappearances.  They were talking about hexagonal cloud systems that have been detected in existence within the Triangle.

Of course, my codes and symbology information kicks into high gear as about ten thousand pieces connect together like a powerful magnet.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that the Bermuda Triangle (as well as the several other counterparts that it has that function like it), is a Divine Portal of energy that cannot be tampered with by even the most advanced equipment, such as HAARP.

So naturally, the Elite and those seeking to maintain power in the material world will deem this as “evil” or “scary” and something that we should fear. This cloud formation and the working energy of the Bermuda Triangle are living proof of the Divine’s Ability to be immortal and indestructible.  It is the physical proof of the power that is referred to by many names, often as “God” or “Source”.

How do I know this?  It is in the way that the energy works here.  No mechanical technology or material world technology functions in it.  The vibration of this/these portals is operating at a vibrational energy that is “lighter” and more powerful than the material world.  When something enters it, all technological equipment is “disabled” and unable to function; and many things simply “disappear.”  The disappearance is due to the vibrational energy becoming so light that the dense physical form will basically dissolve in it.

When we look at the aspects of the hexagonal clouds we have the perfect energy balance of the Masculine and Feminine which is working in such harmony that when confined to such a small space gains in enormous power and strength. It builds like a boiling pot with a tight lid on it – only greatly magnified in its force.  Only in this case there is no lid, but a vertical opening that connects what may be considered as “God” energy to the Earth – or gives it a channel to funnel through.  That combined with the variety of pressure systems that gather together to hold this into place.  It is nature working in perfect preciseness.

In addition to the hexagonal cloud system there, we will also note that there are the deeper core layers of the Merkaba energy pattern which brings in an aspect similar to the 12 pointed Star which is about completeness or wholeness.  As I am sharing these insights, I get asked if the Bermuda Triangle could have been HAARP generated and it is a simple NO.  The Bermuda Triangle has been in existence long before HAARP and is a phenomenon of Nature and the Divine in harmony.  It is Heaven and Earth connecting.

So of course, after unfolding these pieces, I then had to take a look at the codes for the Bermuda Triangle which of course unfold in the key patterns of Immortality, Peace, and Love.  This is thus a point on Earth that is a portal of Divine Energy to maintain “proof” that the Divine or “God” exists, and to remind us of our true nature, the nature which truly sets us into true freedom and untouchable by those seeking to maintain control of Earth.  It shows that Peace and Love will continue to exist and supersede ANYTHING man made or materially based.  No HAARP system or electronics can interfere with this process.  Nothing can touch this.

Now what is interesting is because these points connect into Water and Ocean areas, we also know that this section of water has to maintain its purity or will maintain its purity, and thus will be a key factor in restoring the Earth and keeping perfect balance.  The Bermuda Triangle is a point that will also feed our cave systems and the Inner Springs, on Earth and within us.  It is a source of Divine Truth, inspiration, a coded memory that cannot be erased, shifted, or changed.

Again, it operates through perfect balance of the Masculine and Feminine Energy and not through rulership of one over the other.  It breaks the master/slave patterns that are so prevalent on this Earth.  Interestingly enough, it also holds the energy pattern of Sacrifice or Victim.

What is intriguing with this last piece I mention, is when someone or something enters this space of energy they are considered to be sacrificed or a victim to it, as people tend not to come back out of it.  What is happening in this is that when one enters this zone, they are immediately purged of all material and vibrational patterns that are more dense than love.  There is an immediate detoxification of everything Earthly, and an immediate connection into true self.  Therefore, physical matter will dissolve and not function within this zone.  In all essence, everything Earthly is sacrificed and stripped away here.

Those that want to maintain control have tried to brainwash us into believing that it is an evil space that we must fear because they have worked so hard to keep us separated from our own true Divine Nature.  If they keep us separated and isolated or isolate that energy from us, then they have an easier time of programming us the way that they desire.  They do not want us to see the peace within what appears to be a violent torrent.  They believe that if we fear this incredible piece of Nature then we will carry the program that such Divine Energy does not exist, and that we will fear our own true Divine Nature which keeps us enslaved to what they want us to believe.  In simple terms, this is brainwashing, the very same techniques used by abusers that brainwash people.

Have you noticed other aspects of nature that we have been taught to fear?  Have you wondered if other places on Earth might really be a Divine Portal and not just the Sacred Sites that have become evident?  Have you noticed other things on this planet that give you “proof” of Divine Existence?




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