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Syd SaeedI spent an afternoon in the company of Hollywood Psychic Medium Syd Saeed and walked away feeling uplifted and quite simply… happy. His gentle voice with his mesmerizing British accent is so healing. Just listening to him speak of his life experiences and his purpose in life to help people was nothing less than inspiring. There’s no question after talking with him why he is considered one of the top 20 Spiritual Advisors in the world today.

Syd Saeed is a psychic medium, spiritual teacher and an aspiring actor born of Indian heritage. Originating from the UK, Syd took a leap of faith and moved to Hollywood, California to pursue a career in acting. What he found was spirit had other plans for his life.

Syd displayed his psychic abilities as a young child around the age of 5. It started out by seeing things at the playground before they would happen, such as when a child was going to fall and hurt their knee.

Syd stated, “Between the ages of 5 and 8, I would have dreams of mud slides, earthquakes, premonitions, and when I used to tell my mother what I had seen, she would say, ‘shut up and eat your dinner.’” Syd used to have spirits come and sit on his bed, able to actually see them there. He thought this sort of thing happened to everyone, but when he would comment on them to others, he quickly realized that he was indeed quite different. Apart from feeling different, Syd said, “I knew I was one that would stand out. I didn’t know what was going on. At the time, we didn’t know it was being psychic. It was more like hindsight.”

At the age of 13 Syd’s faith in God was nearly shattered when his father passed away. His voice became soft as he reminisced, “It really affected my life in a profound way. I was so young when I lost my father, and at the time, also going through puberty. I was rebellious as a teenager for those few years. By age 17, I was managing my first band. I was unhappy in my 20’s and didn’t know why. I was going around the world, you know, sex, drugs, and rock & roll, and I wasn’t happy.”

Then one evening Syd was awoken at about 3:00 in the morning. In the corner of the room was an angel with lights along the outline of the wings. He didn’t see a mouth or a face, but he knew it was an angel. It all happened within a span of 20 seconds. The angel told him to follow his path and begin meditating. With a renewed faith, he followed the angel’s instruction. Syd said, “It was my life changing moment. How could it not be? It was my sign from above. Slowly I started meditating and I’ve never been the same since.”

It was the first time Syd felt that he was psychic. He believes that everyone is psychic, “You know, when you know the phone is going to ring, that’s about as psychic as most people get. Things like that were happening to me and I would get information for people I would pass on the street. I began doing readings free for friends, and then friends of friends, and people were just getting amazed. When you start developing your psychic abilities it goes in waves doesn’t it?”

From the age of 17 to 37 he worked in the music business as a manager, tour manager and agent for various bands traveling to 30 countries throughout the world. Then one day, he had a dream of a visit from his departed grandfather whom he had never met in life. Syd recalls, “In the dream, I was riding on his back like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, imagine that… [Syd chuckles]. We were looking down at the people and my grandfather told me, son, you see those people down there? You’re not like most of those people. You are meant for different things.  He told me your time in England is soon coming to an end, you have to go to America. Now mind you, I always knew I would be moving to America since I was 21, I just didn’t know what path. And my grandfather said to me, ‘You need to become an actor because it will also bring you out of yourself.’” Syd told me he was always a shy person by nature [humm, tall, dark, and handsome, and the strong, silent type, a combination that romance novels are made of], and he knew that acting would help him to overcome his shyness. “It helped me come out of myself. I found that I was good at acting and it really did help me to come out of my shell.”

So, at the age of 37 Syd knew he was to travel to America. He began doing free readings for a bit, and because of the dream of his grandfather, he began to pursue a career in acting. He states, “It was always sort of a teenage thing of mine. It’s sort of funny, I wanted to work in the music business, become an actor, or be a cop. I started growing my hair at the age of 20 and I wasn’t going to cut it, so I knew the cop part was out.”

When psychics or mediums connect to spirit, we go into a kind of reading mode, like autopilot, and Syd is renowned for picking up information rather quickly, meaning he can make spiritual connections very fast. He recalled that this process didn’t happen overnight.  He stated with the greatest of humility what his guides told him, “I have a very pure connection to my spirit guides and the channels. The information comes at lightning speed and I’m very blessed to be able to convert it into words that means something to the people. I see my psychic abilities as a gift, meaning if I abuse it, I lose it. To me spirit is everything. Every night, my head is bowed in prayer and meditation. I cannot open my heart enough to show people how much this means to me. You can take anything away from me but please do not take my gift away. Don’t let me stop connecting with people. It would mean a living death to me. I would hate that. It means too much to me to be able to help people with my psychic abilities.”

Syd continued, “When you genuinely live a spiritual life, it comes out in your readings and the public’s reaction to you.  I’m nobody special, I’m not out to change the world, I’m not some big icon, a prophet or anything like that. I merely want to put a smile of as many people’s faces as I can. If I can leave every person I have come in contact with 10 seconds of happiness, then when I pass from this earth, my job is done and I can be happy. I can’t think of a single person who hasn’t been, at some point in their reading, where I can sense them smiling. What better feeling is there? If they’re happy, I’m happy.” Although Syd states he is predominately psychic, he does have mediumistic abilities which he is currently working on to develop through meditation. Syd’s uncanny accuracy within his readings certainly helps to make him one of the most sought after psychics, but I feel his spiritual concept and healing nature shines brightly within each of his readings.

As one psychic to another, Syd and I found ourselves on the subject of pricing for our services. There are many psychics out there who are on the ‘low ball’ scale of pricing, and equally there are those who charge ‘high-end’ fees for their services. Syd commented, “It’s not about the money in the work I do.  Who’s got $500 plus to get a reading with a top psychic? What about the poor person? The poor person needs answers too. It’s more about the help. It’s so fantastic to hear the feedback from people I’ve talked to that tell me what a difference I have made in their life.”

We both agreed that according to our scale of fees, we know psychically that what is spent in a reading with us, whatever the price, we know we’ve assisted that person in making the decision to go after the job they were seeking, or go after the money they are expecting, or take a closer look at their finances in a different way. We know, through that advice, they probably got their money back that was spent on their reading, and then some. Syd shared an experience he had with one of his regular clients: “I stated to her that I could see money and felt it was money that would come through her father. I felt her mother had passed, and that her father was now with another woman. I said to her, ‘You need to look at this.’ Two weeks later, she was granted $54,000 from her mother’s passing. Her father and his woman would have squandered this money without having given her any of it. If I had not suggested that she look into this inheritance, she would have never received any of this money.”

It is not unusual to have some who questions the fees that are charged by psychics for their services. You may even find other psychics who criticize those within their field. Syd had this to say: “When people try to pull me down into a place of negativity, my answer is this: we all have a place, we all have a job to do. It’s just like one car is not good for everyone, neither is a psychic medium. Just because a car cost $200,000, like a Bentley, and you have the money, it doesn’t mean when you test drive it, you decide to purchase the car, you might not like the site of it, you might not like the engine. You cannot please all the people all the time.  When people send out negativity, concentrate on loving people and the people that love you. They deserve it. They deserve your energy. The other people, pray for them, bless them and move on.”

GuruSyd Saeed is also a Hollywood actor, so I asked him about his career as an actor since arriving in America and how that career fits into his work as a psychic. He stated, “I don’t have any aspirations to be on TV or become anybody big, I’m just going to keep going along on this wonderful journey. I’m going to be grateful every day for what I have. I’m a very quiet person who loves his life. I’m very happy and at peace with myself. Of course, I want to be an actor, but I have only gotten bits in roles; it’s kind of like mission accomplished when I do that. There’s no reason on earth why I can’t do both things on some sort of level. What a blessing! Sometimes it actually brings tears to my eyes, I feel so blessed by God, the Universe, by those that passed before us, those that surround me. I feel like, wow, I’ll never go hungry. I could aspire to be anything. I used to say I’m an actor and a part time psychic medium. Now, I say I am a psychic medium, oh and by the way, I’m a struggling actor, too.” [Laughs]

Syd WarlordI asked Syd about the movies he has been cast in and right away, I got a laugh. He said, “I’ve got to be very honest. I’ve got to play that down. It’s been small parts, in like B movies. I’m known for my acting, I did one film called ‘Money Kills’ where I played like a war lord. I’m a character, as well as being a shy person, but when you get to know me, I’m a character. Those who know me best know that I have a great sense of humor. I never take myself too seriously. So, I like playing characters.” Syd then broke into his role as the war lord speaking in a very deep raspy voice that certainly gave me chills. He also demonstrated speaking with the accent of a guru from India, and quite well I must add! You can view his movie reels on his Facebook page at He continued, “My lot in life is this; being a psychic medium, working out at the gym, and being an actor. That’s what makes me tick. That’s when I’m at my happiest, those are the things that make me feel alive; exercise, readings, being on the set, listening to music. Those are my things. In general, 99% of the time, I’m a very happy guy. And the thing is, it takes a long time to get like that, but I can sum it up with one word: meditation. I don’t think I’m done with acting yet, and I don’t see any reason why I can’t carry on into acting roles. As long as spirit lets me, I’ll keep striving for roles.”

It was easy to see that Syd places a lot of trust in God, his Guides and those in spirit. Whether he aspires to continue with his acting career, or whatever else they have in mind for him, he will walk that path in absolute faith that he is doing what he is supposed to do. He told me, “I’m a spiritually guided person, if spirit were to tell me to go back to the UK, or move to a different part of America, you can bet your bottom dollar I would do it. When you’ve got that real connection, well who do you think it was that made me come out here to Hollywood at age 42? I left a nice lifestyle, my mom, who I love very much, my brothers and sisters… but I knew from the age of 21 when I started getting visions of LA and Hollywood that one day I would be living this life. Now, when I go onto these movie sets, and stuff I have the biggest déjà vu you’ve ever seen. I know which lot to go on, and how to get to the production office without instruction, how about that? [Laughter] It’s happened to me so many times.”

I asked if the right opportunity for a movie or TV show came along would he do it if Spirit approved and if that were to happen, would it affect his business as a psychic medium.  I got his answer right away, “Exactly, I would do it. I’m a great believer in whatever is meant to be for you will not pass you by. I would also ask Spirit if it was something that would still allow me to do my psychic readings. If I were to get a role, for example on Days of Our Lives, or another daytime show, and it was going to take up all of my time, with scripts to learn every night, I would probably do a stint and then leave. And, I would ask Spirit to guide me because it would completely then take away from what I love doing. Sure, I could still play music, and workout, but I wouldn’t have time to connect with people, and I would hate that.” He continued, “Us lightworkers, how blessed are we that we not only have our friends, or our intuition, we’ve got spirit guiding us, if we just choose to listen. They’re always there hanging on our shoulder, or in my hair in my case, [chuckles]it’s like we’re so blessed to have spirits as our guides. We all have spirits as our guides, you just got to tune in. You can’t go wrong, but there are lessons to learn along the way, which you have to do as a human being.”

As a friend of Syd’s, I have been able to view the images of him that were taken with his long curly hair free flowing… and filled with spirit energy. I asked Syd about these energies seen within his hair and he has this to say: “The Spirits in my hair came quite accidently. While taking some pictures one day, just messing around, I shared a picture with a friend of mine. She began pointing out the many spirit images she could see in my hair. I then shared the picture along with a few others on my Facebook and I began getting responses from my friends of the spirit images they could see in my hair.”

Syd's HairHe pointed them out to me saying, “Looking within the curls and highlights of my hair, I saw on one side, my oriental female spirit guide, below her is an image of a puppy, and on the other side, I saw a dancing girl like the Arabian knights girls as clear as day on the side of my hair. Looking at her it was like, I know who she is! She was like a wife of mine from a previous lifetime. On yet another picture, there is all these faces stacked on top of one another, there were 5 male faces. On another picture, there was a Native American woman on the right hand side, and an old nun coming out from the corner, and there was one of a woman with bulging eyes sitting away from my hair. There is one with a wolf, and another with a man peeking around the corner like a ghost with a beard. It’s interesting, all these images seem to be coming from my right side in every picture. I can sense these spirits around, but I had no clue how many there were. I am just so humbled.”

Syd also has the amazing talent of writing the most inspiring ‘Sydisms’ that he shares with his friends on his Facebook page. Often, I see where people have responded to his postings stating that it’s just what they needed to hear, or that it made their day. I asked Syd if he felt there would be a book in the future that would encompass his writings. He stated, “I was always very good in English and History in school, as well as sports. I just write down what I’m thinking at the moment and post them on my Facebook. Honestly, I’m a human being, I have a brain, and it works. The musings just come, and I feel it is spiritually guided. I think I’m meant to put these out for a reason. If someone reading that little 4 line limerick poem on Facebook and it has some meaning, if by me putting some of my thoughts impulsively in a post on Facebook and it has impacted someone’s day, made it more positive, made them smile, or made them think in a positive way, how blessed am I? No; job done! If it brings a positive impact on someone’s life and makes them smile, then happy days!”

Here is just a sample of Syd’s inspirational musings:

There comes a time in your life, when you have to unselfishly spread Love,
Use your Wisdom wisely for it’s a gift from above.
The Universe takes note-right from the start.
Endless Blessings for he who can reach out and touch an ‘Aching Heart.’You may not expect or receive thanks right away,But good Karma in life’s bank is ultimately rewarded with ‘Interest’ one day. ~ Syd Saeed.

Sometimes we’re up,
but too often we get down,
as our beautiful smile disintegrates to a frown.
We look to the Heavens and all we see is grey skies,
as we search for the answers with deep heartfelt sighs.
Then as if from nowhere we hear a voice full of Love,
Being spoken by higher forces-the Angels from above.
As if by magic the grey skies turn blue,
through beautiful sunlight-the voice says,
Fear not for “I am always with you” ~ Syd Saeed

Life should be lived with ‘Hope’ and not in ‘Fear.’ ~ Syd Saeed

No matter how many times I am hurt or let down in life,
I will never stop believing in the good in most of us and the power, joy, happiness and blessings that being Spiritually connected can bring into one’s life-enough said. ~ Syd Saeed

As it was nearing time for the end of our conversation, I asked Syd if he had any final thoughts he would like to share with our readers of Bellesprit Magazine. “We all have psychic ability and we all need answers, if you would believe in yourself. Just try and meditate, it’s so important to meditate and tune in. if you can’t connect with your guides, go into yourself every day, it’s going to help you. No matter what you are doing for that day, it’s going to help you in your everyday life. If you believe that you have psychic ability that’s greater than others, you know you have something, you must not let other people put you off. You have to embrace it and you have to develop it. Whether you choose to go on and do it as a profession, it’s up to you. Look at it as a dream, like if you were aspiring to be an actor or a singer. Go for what you want in life, but remember to always come from a place of love and kindness. I will always come from that place of love.”

Well, I’m sure you can see why we are so incredibly honored to feature Syd Saeed as our April Beautiful Spirit. Not only is he ‘easy on the eyes,’ but his inner beauty amplifies the loving and caring spirit that he is, both inside and out.

You can learn more about Syd or schedule a reading with him on his web site at You can also find him on Facebook at
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