Staying Safe When Seeking Psychic Guidance


Psychics are a valuable source of guidance and advice. But, what should you know when you receive unsolicited contact from a psychic scam artist?

By Freelance Writer, Sally Perkins

A well-sourced and referred psychic can bring you valuable insight into your own life, or provide an overall psychic outlook for future times. However, the profession and industry can, occasionally, play on the good nature and curiosity of clients looking for a source of guidance. There are ways to avoid this.

Acknowledging Confirmation Bias

psychic scamA tried and tested method that some scammers will use to extract time, money and referrals out of you is the use of confirmation bias. By suggesting they’ve seen a dark spirit around you, or they can detect negativity, the person in question will encourage you to discuss any negative events in your life and through suggesting there is a link, will have you subconsciously believe an unlucky curse is upon you. Having established the framework, they’ll proffer the only way to be cured is through their high cost ‘psychic’ scam solutions.

To this end, just be aware of what they’re saying, and always be mindful of context; a good psychic will take into account your thoughts and feelings, and not offer a stonewall ‘cure’.

The (E) Mail Scam

Time-honored (if you can call it that) and ubiquitous, the mail and email psychic scam continue to plague many people. Preying on the fears of those less tech-savvy or desperate for some guidance in their life, they historically offer a vague reading – enough detail to hook someone in, but not enough to provide you with a conclusion.

There is the nefarious and cruel Duval psychic scheme, too, which successfully ensnared people into paying $139/mo to a fraud, ultimately culminating in a fraud worth at least $200m.

The answer here is relatively straightforward; don’t answer solicitations, as accurate as they might feel to your life. To help with this, learn how to identify spam mail. Always bear in mind that confirmation bias can affect what you hear. Moreover, remember that the best psychics find you through recommendations and research, rather than scatter firing solicitation without backing.

Personal Information

In the digital age, where your data is harvested in countless ways and distributed and sold to countless stakeholders, it can be difficult to keep tabs on your personal information. Just bear in mind that enterprising psychic scammers can get a hold of your info, too, and scammers use personal info – just like Facebook, Twitter, et al. do. By keeping your personal information safe online, you can take good steps to making sure you aren’t solicited by scam psychics in the first place.

There are many fantastic psychics out there, making positive differences to the lives of countless people across the world. As with every profession, however, there are scammers seeking to exploit the good news. Make sure you’re savvy to the risks.



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