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It Could Be Soul Loss

It was a day like any other day except that I was reuniting someone with a piece of their self. My client had been in numerous relationships, held numerous jobs and felt completely unfulfilled in her life. She told me that it seemed like there was always something missing. She had spent thousands of dollars over the years in an attempt to “fill the void” as she described this searching for the missing link; alternating between feelings of exhilaration when she encountered new experiences and depression when these experiences became a repeat of her prior attempts to feel complete. By having her compile a Timeline for me we had determined that there were some events that could have resulted in Soul Loss. The session began by me explaining to her what was going to occur and assuring her that she need only relax and be open to me connecting with any soul fragments I might locate. During a soul retrieval the Shamanic practitioner journey’s to other realms assisted by guides in locating pieces of the fragmented soul of the client. In the journey the Shamanic practitioner is able to communicate and obtain a great deal of information related to why the soul fragmented. This particular journey took me to a little girls’ bedroom, she was sitting at a table having a tea party with her stuffed animals and dolls. I could hear shouting and arguing in another room and I saw her chin drop to her chest and then she looked up to tell me that she usually climbs into bed and hides her head under the covers. I knew this child was a fragmented piece of my client by the necklace that she wore as it matched the necklace my client wore that day.

Soul loss can occur at any age and generally follows a traumatic event of some type. These events can be as simple as the loss of a favorite toy as a small child to an extreme such as surviving a terrorist attack. Soul loss is the result when someone goes into a coma; a state in which the entire soul leaves the body in order to avoid dealing with intense pain or invasive procedures. Most of the time soul loss is temporary; as an individual heals, the fragmented pieces of the soul return on their own integrating back into the self. However, if the event was traumatic enough the event can be suppressed and the soul loss can leave the individual feeling lost or incomplete.  When soul loss has occurred and another trauma is sustained it becomes increasingly more difficult for the individual to cope with trauma and additional soul loss can start to occur. The fragmented soul struggles day to day never realizing that they have left pieces of themselves behind, they just know something is missing.

I have had numerous people ask me about Soul Retrieval and Past Lives recently so I would like to differentiate between the two. It is true that events from a past life can carry over into this life as a memory imprint. Traumatic events in this life can trigger a past life memory that is stored in the DNA and result in soul loss in ‘this’ life, if the event was traumatic enough. However, the soul loss is occurring in this life from the ‘present’ event that caused the trauma. When a soul incarnates on this earth it is a complete soul at birth; complete with memory imprints of past lives and karmic influence. And I would like to point out that not all struggles in your present life are the result of soul loss. Sometimes the struggles are merely the lessons and karmic influences that you came to work on in this life. The surfacing memory of a past life cannot be addressed with soul retrieval. In these instances a Past Life Regression or Past Life Reading would be needed to obtain a clearer picture of the memory and why it was triggered by current events. When significant evidence is present to indicate Soul Loss, a Soul Retrieval can jump start the healing process by bringing the soul to a better place of balance; a place where healing can occur.

During the Soul Retrieval journey the Shamanic practitioner communicates with the soul part and conveys the wishes of the client for the soul part to return to them. With consent of the soul part the Shamanic practitioner brings the essence of this fragmented soul to the present and blows the essence into the clients’ heart chakra and crown chakra and proceeds with the remainder of the ritual by sealing the bond. The Shamanic practitioner (or Shaman) then shares with the client what was seen and heard and initiates discussion to facilitate further healing and integration of the emotions originally suppressed by the event. I always encourage my clients to go home and have a small celebration to recognize and honor this reunion and hug their self frequently.

Soul Retrieval differs from Past Life Regression and Past Life Readings in that it always deals with the present life, whereas the latter deal only in Past Lives. The difference between a Past Life Regression and Past Life Reading are in WHO is doing the journey. During a Past Life Regression the client is guided into a hypnotic state of awareness that allows them to hear the practitioner and communicate what they are seeing. The session is recorded and at the completion of the regression the client and practitioner discuss what was seen or heard by the client with input from the practitioner on what they witnessed in the client. I generally have my clients draw a picture using chalk or crayons anytime I guide them on a journey. This is not a piece of art to hang on the wall; it is a visual representation of the clients’ experience and a way to release onto the paper the clients’ impressions of the regression or journey. In a Past Life Reading the practitioner is doing the journey on behalf of the client with the assistance of guides to show the practitioner what the client needs to see and the client need not be present in person, via Skype or phone at the time of the journey. The information is shared with the client after the journey and the reading commences with the practitioner or psychic providing additional insight as they are guided to do.

Simplified Definitions:

Soul Loss: When the soul fragments and a piece of the soul departs (detaches) and escapes to other realms in an attempt to avoid pain or discomfort due to a recent trauma.
Soul Retrieval: The process by which a Shamanic or other practitioner journeys to other realms to bring back a fragmented soul part and facilitate integration of the emotions associated with a past trauma that occurred in this life.
Past Life Reading: A reading that is done by an Intuitive Practitioner,  Psychic or Medium who journeys on behalf of a client with their permission in order to gain access to a clients’ past life or lives.
Past Life Regression: The process of taking a client into a hypnotic state of awareness guiding them in the journey process of discovering a past life or lives and then providing spiritual counseling.

It has been my experience that a Past Life Regression is the most emotional experience for the client. During a regression clients’ frequently see, hear, and feel the event as if it were happening all over again. It is not uncommon to recognize people in your current life by looking into the eyes of the people you encounter in the regression; this can be overwhelming at times as you recognize friends and family members who now fill a different role in your life. One indication that you may be experiencing Past Life recall is strong feelings or obsessions about a particular place or era. Another is meeting someone and feeling like you have known them forever immediately.

Unlike Soul Loss, it does not require a traumatic event to trigger Past Life Recall; sometimes, we just remember.

Soul Loss is a natural mechanism for coping with tragedy. There are times when the physical or emotional pain of an event is so tremendous that the soul chooses to just go someplace else while the physical or emotional body heals. Individuals’ who have survived abuse typically suffer from Soul Loss because abuse can be physical but always is emotionally traumatic. Adult’s living a relatively normal life with stable jobs and relationships, but not feeling completely satisfied can have soul loss from childhood abuse or neglect. Children who are subjected to moving frequently and giving up their friends can suffer from soul loss as they become detached emotionally and operate like little robots. But keep in mind that these instances are not a guarantee that there is soul loss present. Having the love and support of the people around you when you are working through difficult times typically allows the fragmented soul to return and heal on its own. When love and support are not present, the individual is not always capable of working through the stages of integrating the emotions. It is those times when the fragmented soul does not return that seeking the guidance of a Shamanic practitioner can be of assistance. However, it should in no way take the place of medical advice and should not be done while on psychiatric or antidepressant medications. If you are being treated for depression or a psychiatric disorder you should consult with your physician before seeking this type of guidance.

I would like to share a piece of testimonial from a recent wellness coaching client who also received soul retrieval services:

After a little technology phobia from myself, I mastered the Paypal account and sure as eggs the beginning of the rest of my life began!! A two week schedule of daily contact, Kim set out what she required from me and the airways opened, frequency tuned in, and oh my lord did things unfold! The time difference meant that as I rose for my new job at 5 AM my time, Kim had left me my next days’ work and also left me with thoughts from my last day or last piece of work; to go into this in depth will be my writings on my personal journey through this time..

As the days went on my trust and faith in the whole process grew and grew, stronger and stronger. I realized that to have put my faith where I was shown was the best time and money I had ever spent. This remarkable spiritual woman and healer was assisting me in transforming my situation and place within myself. Her empathy was felt as was her firm resolve for what she was passing onto me. Wisdom, lessons, education in ways I had hadn’t heard before. The universe kept throwing things together as only it knows how to make sense of. The things I was seeing and feeling in meditation ( that I’d never really done before) and Kim’s interpretation of what she knows through her Shamanic practice I can only describe as over awing.

At the finish of my 14 days, Kim journeyed and retrieved 3 fractured Soul parts from my youth (soul retrieval). The reunion was emotional to say the least. What absolutely astounds me is that without knowing facts about me at these ages Kim brought back ME at 3 pivotal points in my rather tortured childhood, describing the environment, she found them in detail. She picked for me 3 stones randomly that signified each of them and told me the meanings of the stones. The meanings tied into the little girls and their being brought back. (I now have them as she shipped them to me :))

We did this reunion via Skype; it personalized the experience by hearing Kim’s voice, the miles had never been an issue and she could have been right there in my room as the distance was closed by the purely miraculous work through spirit. I can boast that following our initial work, I have taken stock of my own situations. I am feeling the ripple of love around me as I am learning to love myself and feeling the completeness of my little girls who are back and part of me. We snuggled together with an old teddy bear that first night; the feelings of loneliness, isolation and despair seem to have left me. A new beginning, a new chapter and some further work is now underway. I’m learning to think and function in completely new ways. I’m a 41 year old adult coming to grips with myself from the perspective of a 16 year old with her whole life ahead of her. Embracing the concept that what once were flawed conceptions of self and bad subsequent life choices can be vanquished and replaced with positive love for my whole self and to start out each day intending to make better choices, good choices that benefit me and my affect on others.

To say this experience has been the best money I’ve ever spent almost does not do Kim or the work she does justice. To say that this experience has brought about positive change, LIFE changing events and LOVE in abundance is an understatement. I am and ever will be thankful to the Universe for bringing us together and to Kim for her hard and diligent work for mankind.
– Cate

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