Snow Globe


As I sit here on my favorite chaise lounge couch, curled under my favorite fuzzy blanket, I watch the snow gracefully fall and blanket all it touches.

It’s beautiful, quiet, serene and magical. Each snowflake sparkles as it gently dances through the night sky, followed by another and another until the trees and structures are covered in glistening white blanket of snow. Each tree and structure stands strong and steadfast against the weight of newly fallen snow. Outside, animals and children frolic so carefree and relish in the moment of the newly fallen snow. The joy exudes from them as if it’s the very first time they have taken in all its pleasures.

I notice, as the children play, that the snow accumulates on their outerwear, gets on their faces, and at times, it’s hard to see as the snow falls steadily and heavily. However, as they begin to move, it gently falls away; or gets brushed off, stomped off, or shaken off. The snow continues to fall from the sky, however the children still move, play, laugh, and smile through it all. They find creative solutions to walk through deep snow, build tunnels and forts, carry sleds, and make snow angels. Each child sleds down the steep hill pushing the deep heavy snow out of their way and revealing their own paths. When climbing up the hill, they fall and even stumble, however, they get right back up until they have reached the top to enjoy the ride once more.

I start to reflect on my own life, as I often do in moments like these, and think about the snow that has accumulated in my own life. Am I steadfast? Am I carefree? Do I create my own path when life gets thick and heavy? Do I shake it off? Do I stomp it off? Do I play in it and enjoy all the pleasures? Or do I let it accumulate, wear me down, heavy and down-trodden, stuck in the heaviness of it?

Even though life can get shaken up and confused at times, it’s important to remember that each moment we can choose to joyfully play and adapt, or to be overwhelmed by the challenges.   We can choose to be blinded by the heavy falling snow or wipe it off to see clearly once again. We can stomp it off, brush it off, shake it off, or let it accumulate on us until it pulls us down. We can choose the beauty, the magic, the sparkle, or we can choose the heavy, the cold, and the dark.

May we be more childlike as we find the beauty, the peace, the fun, and the magic in the snow globe of life.




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Heather Plyler

Heather Plyler is the founder and president of her inspired business, Soul Hooping, established in 2014 after receiving her certification as a Radiant You Meditation™ Hoop Instructor from Hooping Harmony. Heather facilitates Adult and Children’s Hoop classes, Women’s Empowerment Programs and is a Personal Transformational Mentor.

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