Sharon Tate: Messages From Beyond


It started with a picture of a pretty blonde woman smiling. This is often how spirit guides show me spirit; through pictures in my mind’s eye. I knew this was the murdered actress Sharon Tate.  She showed me her head which had been removed and wrapped in brown paper.

She had to show me that it was her, this needed to be shared and showed me photographs from her life. One of a man fishing and references were made to the Murray Firth Scotland she`d ridden, and another photograph showed her on horseback and that she owned a purple riding hat. Her wardrobe was special; she showed me gowns and shoes. There was a pair of earrings that she loved too. A movie script was in the pipeline for the future. Sadly, her murderer, Charles Manson had other plans.

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He made her the victim of his crime in many ways. He bound her hands and played games with his own take on famous quotations that she heard over and over again. There was the game, ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf’ that was relayed in those terrible hours before her life was taken. He had wanted her to perform acts on him and made it hit home by trying to remove his trousers. With what he said to her, nothing else mattered, and pregnant Sharon was horrified that he was expecting her to endure these acts knowing that, afterward, she was certainly going to die.

Manson taunted her about the eyeballs he kept in a tea towel. Sharon Tate was very angry and didn`t cry or let him know that she was easy prey. She fought back, shouting abuse at him. What the hell did she have to lose? She was going to die anyway.

He slapped her face saying `Now you`re really s******g me off! ` Sharon showed me she was seated and tried to buy time, but he was clever. He was the one who decided when she would die, he had that power.

All she had planned for that evening was to have fun with her friends. Manson and his Family, as he termed them, were there to inject their justice.

He`d threatened to take his life in front of her `What`s wrong, are you saying I`m a freak` he screamed, his eyes open wide and laughter followed his statements. Sharon couldn`t understand why. It is something she still asks. She hadn`t hurt anyone. What was the reason she must die?

Charles made it very clear that he hated anyone with wealth. Sharon Tate enjoyed shopping in exclusive American stores, proudly parading the designer name bags she owned. She wanted a lavish home, the very life that all Hollywood starlets crave. After all, she worked for it. Sharon showed me a luxury car with the plate reading SH1, or she was planning to have it soon. All of those realities were now futile as this man planned to seal her fate, ending motherhood and her hopes for her career forever.

Charles also talked about the tools he used on others to get his way. She started to tire, insults and begging to be spared had made no difference. Manson kept talking about Thomas Jefferson.  Baffled, she let him continue, what else could she do?

Sharon was then hung and her head separated from her body. Manson had succeeded in breaking her spinal column which resulted from the hanging and butchering of her neck. Charles felt no emotion then and Sharon feels even now he has no remorse. The good news is Sharon reincarnated; Spirit made this clear to me when I first became their pen and conduit to link the other world with our own.

Sharon Tate must have either been left-handed, or was a right brainer; open to intuition and creativity. I felt this to be the case as I was flashed the image of a head and the right side lit in purple.

When we die, we split in two. Half is as spirit, the other half is energy that chooses to return as a new baby or toddler anywhere in the world to start living again in the physical. Our bodies don`t live forever and a new one is needed to move on.

I was honoured to hear from Sharon and happy to hear that she is back in this physical world. You can kill a person, or illness can strike you and end your life, but we live always through the messages from the other side passed on so I can relay their thoughts and emotions to the world they lost.




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Victoria Hardy

Victoria Hardy lives in Staffordshire in the UK and has been a clairvoyant and psychic since spirit sent a small white feather down that landed in her hand in a brand new rock pub. She has written three books about her experiences and writes psychic articles for magazines around the world. Victoria also works with psychic investigations and gives readings, talks, and development throughout the UK.


  1. This is very interesting-the images received.For those who say Sharons head wasnt detached, I think the image was meant to be symbolic. If she was hung (and we know there was a rope around her neck, also rope burns) its possible her neck bone broke, hence the detached image.She was therefore saying, I was hung and my neck broke. I’d have to look at the autopsy report to see if a broken neck is mentioned.Perhaps it was missed.There is a theory that Mansion made a visit to the murder scene after the fact and that he tried to hang one of the bodies at the door where Tate’s blood was found but I have my doubts about this.I think her body lay where she died,in front of the couch and was not moved after that. I think her blood at the door was tracked there by one of the killers.


    I’m not trying to be mean or even make this some sort of big call-out.. but.. I sorta feel I have to. No hard feelings!

    The evidence indicates without question:
    ♦ Sharon Tate’s head was NOT severed

    ♦ Sharon Tate was never raped, nor were there any sexual actions taken

    ♦ Charlie did NOT hate anyone with wealth- he stayed at the lavish home of Dennis Wilson (Yes, the Beach Boy) with his ATWA girls for an extended time, and he himself racked up a fair bit of debt on the card Wilson gave them.

    ♦ And, the most important part: Charlie NEVER set foot on Cielo Drive on that night!

    Sharon Tate was a lovely woman despite her fame. Fame goes to a lot of people’s heads, but she seemed very down to earth. It’s a shame what happened. It’s a misconception that us Mansonites don’t really care what happened- we are just as upset at the murders as we are at the inhumanity and injustice displayed toward Charles.

    My own take on the case (the energies I am getting from it, after very careful research and meditation) Tex Watson acted alone and under no command from Charles. He was and still is a very gentle man (at 82 years of age!) Over the years, Charles Manson has put out incredible music, poems and art, donated to Toys For Tots and even oversees environmental work. I’m just going to leave a couple links here, if you don’t mind.

  3. Manson didn’t kill Sharon Tate. His deranged cult members did it for him.
    Guess Sharon could not tell you that…

  4. Amanda Kay Hayes on

    I feel very strongly I am Sharon Tate Reincarnated. No joke. I would love to get in contact with you.

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