Series of a Paranormal Life – Walking with New Friends


Walking alongside my new friends, as they walked their bikes, I became in awe of my surroundings. Everything was so green with brilliant flowers in colors of reds, yellows and blues. The trees were so tall and full of branches.

Series 18

Without thinking, I said out loud, “Everything is glowing with such colors. I wonder how old these trees are?” I must have said something strange, as each of the girls looked at each other and then turned to me with blank looks in their eyes.

“What do you mean, glowing?” Ask Cindy.

“Oh, you know, the plants and trees are very bright.” I responded, not sure of how to explain that I meant the trees and plants were bouncing their bright colors at me. I already knew that not everyone sees the same way as I do, so trying to change the subject I asked, “So, where are we going? I heard you say something about a baseball field, do any of you play?”

Cindy chimed in, “I do, my brother plays too.”

“Cool, what position do you play? I pitched back in Arizona.”

Cindy said, “I cover first base and sometimes the outfield, how long have you been playing? You should join our team, try out will be in a few weeks.”

Glad the conversation was away from the colors of the plants, I responded quickly,

“Cool, I only played one season, then we had to move. It would be fun to play again.”

One of the other girls, named Linda added, “We really need a new pitcher, I hope you make it on the team.”

“Thanks, I sure will give it my all.”

“Hey, why don’t you jump on the back on my bike, let’s ride to the field.”

I did as Cindy suggested, “Great idea! My bike is in the back of the moving trailer. It will probably be there when we get back.”

Holding onto the back of the banana shaped bike seat I had a good view of the street as we made our way to the baseball field. The whole street was lined in huge pecan trees, each one seemed as though it was looking right as me as we went by. They were all so alive in color, the hue around each one extended out to the sky. I had never seen such majestic looking trees before. I wondered if they could speak to me or if they were trying by showing me their color?

We turned down a street that had no homes built on it, all the trees went far beyond the road. Gathered in clusters, while others stood tall all alone. I wondered if they had been planted like that or did they just randomly grow?

That’s when I saw an old man, standing beside one of the huge trees, just beyond the roadway. His clothes were all dirty but I could tell they had to of been white, pants and shirt both torn up in shreds, he didn’t look well.

“Was this a plantation before all these houses were built on the land?”

“What’s a plantation?” Asked Linda

Cindy added, “A large house use to sit back behind the baseball field. Some people say it was the original house and that this was a huge horse and cow ranch in the back, with a pecan grove that went all the way up to the front of the neighborhood.”

Looking straight at Cindy, the other girl, Robin, kinda laughed as she said, “Yeah and some people think the ghosts of the slaves are still here and roam the streets of the neighborhood at night.”

Cindy laughed back at Robin saying, “Yeah and some people have seen those slaves walking around, BUT that’s nothing compared to the Indian ghosts!”

“Wait, what? Have you seen them?” I had to ask.

paranormal life“Her whole family sees them, plus a bunch of other people that have lived or died here over the years.” Robin continued, “There are all kinds of stories about floating kids, Indian chiefs protecting this land, all kind of stories.”

“WOW! I have never heard anyone talk about ghosts and dead people so freely.” I was excited, it felt like I could tell these girls anything.

“Tell me more!”

As we rode up to the baseball field, Cindy and I jumped off her bike and started sharing our ghostly experiences, this was turning out to be the best day of my life!

Cindy began by explaining that this whole neighborhood was built on top of an Indian burial ground. There had been many deaths here since the massacre of Shoal Creek, but that many more were from after the souls of those dead Indians cursed the land. The Indians burned their dead, but considered the land around the ceremonial place to be sacred. The massacre of Shoal Creek happened in the 1800’s, but that was just one of many massacres against the Native Indians.

I listened intently as she went on to explain the settlers had many hardships after settling here. Many took their own lives in mysterious and unnatural circumstances. Livestock and fields would just die or wither away after droughts or unrelenting floods would occur.

Since that time, many living in the neighborhood today experience mysterious illnesses or are pushed to the point of killing themselves. She told of families torn apart for no reason, children gone missing or abused to the point of death. Horrible afflictions on this war-torn land.

WOW! Cindy was full of information about this place she had lived for the past 8 years. In all my 12 years, I had never heard such confirmation, I am really not alone in my experiences after all.

Once she was done, my stories paled in comparison. Although she was amused when I told her about the shadow figures, saying, “I have seen those, they come right before the devils show up!”

The other two girls listened in as we went on about everything we had experienced. It was really cool to find another person that knew so much about what I had been seeing and hearing.

I knew from that moment on, we would be friends forever!

To be continued…

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Solana, Psychic Energy Medium, is an Author, Radio and Television Personality, Reverend, Demonologist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Private Tutor with Class with Solana. Reminding you of your abilities with: Psychic Abilities Development (PAD), How to See and Read Auras, Mediumship Development. With 2-3 hr. workshops in: Chakra 101 Workshop, Spiritual Offence Session Workshop (SOS).

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