Series of a Paranormal Life: Series 16-Stranger Thing Have Happened


Stranger things had happened to me but helping the ghost of someone’s loved one, was a first for me. The whole house felt lighter, everyone was in a better mood.

We really bonded with Dan, which gave me a better impression of Texas. It made me feel like we were back in the Military. I was a little disappointed that I still had not seen one Cowboy or even a cow at this point.

Moving day had arrived, again! This time the only packing was in our suitcases, which I shared with my older sister, so just a week’s worth of clothes was all I had to pack. We said our goodbyes to Dan and asked him to please come out and visit us! We promised a good home cooked meal! As I gave Dan a hug, I had the vision of him in a nice car, laughing with a pretty lady that sat in the passenger’s seat.

“Don’t worry.” I whispered in his ear, “You will meet a really pretty lady soon, be happy and laugh again.” Dan looked at me and said, “Thank You.” He gave a little laugh and waved goodbye to the rest of the family waiting in the car.

We drove off and as I looked back, Dan was glowing a brilliant blue green. It was bittersweet for him but I knew he would sort it all out. We headed North up the 183 through Austin, after what seemed like an hour, we turned west on 620 and my Dad said, “This is the road we will be living on, take it in, know your surroundings.” He was always talking to us like we were his little soldiers.

We abided and looked around, from left to right, back and forth, mile after mile, nothing but open land and COWS! Finally, the cows have made themselves known. I felt somewhat relieved that my visions were correct. Pastures of cows, horses and low and behold, there’s the Cowboys. Fully outfitted with jeans, boots and hats! They were tending to the herd of cows.

Looking out the window, I yelled with excitement, “Look at all those cows!” Everyone laughed at me, “A little excited, are we?” My oldest sister asked.

“Yeah, I thought there would be a lot more cows and cowboys in Texas, but we didn’t see any around Dan’s house.” I was just glad to be seeing live animals and not any ghosts.

I sat back in my seat as we made a turn into our new neighborhood. “This is it. Shenandoah.” Dad yelled back to us, making a right turn saying, “There are two entrances into the neighborhood in the front, this is the first one, then taking the first left takes you to the second entrance. I will show you the back way out of the neighborhood later.”

Driving down the first road felt OK, then we turned down the second street and the look of it changed. The houses were far apart, at least a whole block in between some of them on this long street, sparingly littered with trees. It became grey, almost a dark grey but then flashes of black and white tried to move through the muted grey. It felt really strange.

Dad gave us a history lesson on the land, “This is the oldest part of the neighborhood, these houses have been here much longer than the new developments towards the back. They start over here, at the second entrance”

We came to the end of that street and could only go left or right, the houses started to our right, to our left was a nice long cement divider, planted inside the oblong shape were trees, little red flowers, several green bushes and small flowering plants of blue bordered the enclosed area. Just beyond that was a 7-11 gas station.

Taking the road to the right, we could tell we were at the top of a small hill. The land around us became rolling hills with houses lining the streets and tall trees everywhere. It was a really cool view of nearly the whole neighborhood.

“What kind of trees are those?” I asked as I gazed at the beautiful trees. “Those are Pecan Trees.” Mom spoke first, then Dad added, “That’s where Pecans come from, you know the ones in your favorite, Pecan Pie.” Hoping we had one, I said, “Oh, my goodness. They are so White. Do we have one in our yard?”

“White? They are brown and green.” My oldest sister corrected me. Sarcastically, I responded, “Yes, they are brown and green but don’t you see that bright white light around them? Around all the trees?” “No, I don’t see anything but the brown and green tree. You are so weird.” She bantered back at me.

Before we could say anything more, we were at the bottom of the hill. Just as the road was curving in an S shape, my Dad pulled into the driveway.

“We are home.” He shouted and honked the horn of the car.

“Aren’t you girls excited! Come on, let’s go check out the new house!” Mom chimed in, “Let’s go see your new bedrooms.”

Their voices drifted off, as my eyes were drawn towards the roof of the house, a huge pecan tree in my own back yard! I was so excited, all I could think about was getting into the back yard.

I heard my Dad get out of the car, and snapped out of it.  I was in the third row, way in the back of the station wagon. I opened the back door and jumped out, running ahead of my sisters. I walked up just as Dad was unlocking the door. Over to my right, I caught a figure moving towards us out of the corner of my eye.

Thinking it was a kindly neighbor coming to greet us, I turned to look. When I turned my head to see who it was, no one was there.

“Dad, I thought you said this was a new development?” I don’t know why I asked that.

“Well, I didn’t exactly say it was a new development. Just that the story goes the first half was the oldest and this second half is the newest. Why does it matter?”

“Guess it doesn’t matter, it’s the land I’m feeling. Just thought we were moving into a new house.” I continued, no idea why.

Opening the front door, with his other hand extended out, Dad said, “Well, it’s new to us, isn’t it. Come on in, Welcome to Your New Home!” Entering the house behind Dad, as Mom and the girls followed us in, feeling a little uneasy, I replied, “Yes, some of it is new but there is a lot of old stuff here too.”

To be continued…

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