Series of a Paranormal Life- Another day, another ghost


 Another day, another ghost, seems to be my daily saying. So far, Texas is proving to be just like Arizona, shadows were everywhere. Walking into our new house gave me feelings of very old ghosts, more than just a few lived here.

paranormal lifeWhen I walked into the bare living room I could see out of the corner of my eye someone walked through the wall to my right. “What’s on the other side of that wall?” I asked pointing to my right.

Dad shot a glance my way and said, “That’s the garage, why don’t you go out there and open up the garage doors. We can unload everything and bring it in through the garage.”

Hesitant, I just stood there, staring at the wall. I could hear my Dad’s voice in the background as he shouted, “Earth to Sheri, what are you waiting for?”

“She probably saw a ghost.” My oldest sister chimed in. Walking up behind me, she nudged me with her elbow in the middle of my back.

“Wake up weirdo, Dad’s talking to you.”

I heard her voice as she started down the hallway that lead to the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms,“I call dibs on the first bedroom!” That brought me back around, as I thought to myself, ‘where did I just go?’ I said, “What? Oh, Okay, what did you say?”

Standing there, frozen, I could “feel” the atmosphere changing around me and that it was coming from the other side of the living room wall, in the garage! Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my father walking towards me.

“Snap out of it already, the door to the garage is in the kitchen, just around that short wall. Now go out there and pull up the garage door for me.”

“Alright, alright, I’m going.” I blurted out in a huff, frustrated I walked into the kitchen, around the wall dividing the living room from the dining room just off the kitchen.

I walked right up to the door leading out into the garage and with all my might I opened the door, as if defying anything or anyone from freezing me up again.

Once again, out of the corner of my eye, I could see shadows darting between the walls. They seemed to be moving further away from me. Stepping into the garage I could feel a difference in the temperature, this one was much colder. I found the light switch to my right and flipped it on as I entered the two-car garage.

Looking from side to side, I turned to walk towards the two large garage doors that had to be manually opened, again defying anything to come at me. I found the handle to unlock the door on the right and pulled it open. Allowing sunlight inside, I felt as if I took on the shadows and won. For the moment.

“Finally! Thank You. Now let’s start unloading the car before the moving truck gets here.” My Dad bellowed at us all.

Having to share a room with my older sister, ours was to be the first room on the right just as you enter the hallway, as she had already announced.

I grabbed the first two suitcases that belonged to my parents, walked back into the house through the garage. It felt lighter, not as cold. I thought to myself, Surely the shadows had gone.

I continued to walk in, not seeing anything as I walked through the kitchen, through the living room and into the hallway, nothing.

I noticed the bathroom was right across the hallway from the first bedroom, I thought, that’s why my sister picked the first bedroom. Laughing to myself thinking about how much time she spends in the bathroom walking further down the hallway, I could see a bedroom straight ahead and then another door to the left. The hallway seemed really long as I walked further, the door in front of me seemed further away.

For a minute I wasn’t sure of where I was, it felt like the hallway turned into a tunnel.

What the heck is going on? Crazy thoughts started rushing through my head. “Get out of here as fast as you can, you don’t belong here!”

Were those my thoughts? Who’s talking to me if they’re not mine? Before I knew it, I was standing still in front of the bedroom door. I could hear my younger sister’s Angie’s voice as she was walking up behind me.

“That’s my room, you have Moms suitcase, hers is the door to the left.”

I could hear myself mumble, “Huh, what did you say?”

Angie repeated, “Moms room is to the left, you ok? Did you see something?”

“No, I’m not ok.” Shaking my head, wondering what had just happened, I turned towards my parents’ room, set the bags down and walked right back outside.

I noticed a few kids riding their bikes down the street headed my way. I had to take a double look, making sure they were real. I called out to them, “Hello!”

They stopped their bikes and said, “Hello.”

“I’m Sheri, we just moved in.” I boldly responded.

“I’m Cindy, this is Leanna and Nancy.”

I was so excited to be making friends already and ready for any distractions. Inviting me to ride along, Cindy asked, “We are going to ride down to the baseball field, want to come with us?”

“Sure, let me ask, Mom. I’ll be right back.”

To be continued…



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