September 2017 Oracle Reading


Wendy Stokes shares a monthly Oracle Reading to guide you through the month ahead.

oracle readingAthena is the first card chosen for Bellesprit readers for September. It is from Journey to the Goddess Realm by Lisa Porter and the title is ‘Initiative.’ This goddess suggests you take courage and stand up for justice and integrity but avoid getting involved in petty squabbles. Instead, involve yourself in innovation, ingenuity, pioneering, balance, and action as these are her keywords. She stands with her breast-plate, spear and helmet, ready to do battle, but she has her wise old owl (that can see in all directions) on her arm to whisper guidance and good advice in all matters. She is competitive and her build is mature but athletic. She has great prowess and intellectual ability. She is the epitome of the woman of wisdom.


oracle readingThe moon this month is full on 6th with the new moon on 20th. This card is from Golden Tarot by Kat Black. It depicts the pale image of a moon maiden in the sky. She looks upon a stag standing on a craggy hill top, a hare is jumping from a hunting greyhound, and a crayfish and crab are active on the beach. You are instructed to overcome any obstacles in your path! Notice your patterns. Aim for the high places, go towards the light. The full moon is a time for creative work, and the new moon offers opportunities to start new projects and embrace new beginnings.



oracle readingFrom Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie with artwork by Josephine Wall, the card of Animal Bond has been chosen. This shows a woman flying under the protective wings of an eagle, with many bird species flying alongside them. It is a heady image. Meditate on this image for a moment, and just as you are going to sleep at night, think of being in the sky, flying with the geese, the swans, and all the species of birds. If you do this, you will have lucid dreams. You are invited to stand up for all animals with the affirmation ‘I have enough love for all species and I cultivate a special relationship with birds and animals’. Your awareness is to notice the needs of wildlife, the plight of endangered species, and to adopt an unwanted, homeless pet.




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