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On Friday, January 5th, 2018 my friend, Robbie Thomas approached me asking if I would be willing to review a chapter from his upcoming book, Psychic Profiler, The Real Deal True Crime Cases Volume 1.

robbie thomasI jumped at the opportunity because working within the same field as Robbie as a Psychic Medium and having worked with many missing person and murder cases myself, I was happy to have the chance to review his work and delve into the mind of a man who has utilized his psychic ability to be of service to the world.

The chapter I reviewed was one of a precious little boy who was missing out of Kentucky. Robbie lives in Canada and was contacted to render his assistance in finding this child before it was too late.  In this chapter, Robbie took us through the angst of feeling the child’s energy and the flowing, senseless (at the time) clues that were being thrown at him.

As Robbie shared the process of information he obtained, one could feel his frustration and urgency as he spoke with spirit beseeching any information that could be of help to the law enforcement officials. He needed this information in a hurry as his senses led him to the urgency of the case. Pen in hand, Robbie scribbled various words and drawings that flowed through him; round circles that he knew to be stadium lights, a darkened room, names such as John or Juan, Cecil, predator, and a drawing of a face appeared who he felt was the perpetrator. Robbie seemed to hoover over the location as he could see orange vests, and varied details of the scene, each image providing important clues. The information he gathered was forwarded to the authorities in Kentucky as he prayed it would be in time.

The Law Enforcement actually used all the information Robbie provided and it was announced on Television News Networks from Louisville Kentucky that they had gotten the break they were looking for. The only thing that was wrong was, by the time they went back to get a warrant, it was too late.

Several days later, he received news of what he had feared. A young child’s body had been discovered, tossed away like the day’s garbage. Every clue that Robbie had shared fit perfectly within the puzzle of this missing child’s case. Robbie was consumed with the ‘what if’ scenario, yet he knew he had done his job as best he could.

Robbie Thomas is recognized as an amazing tool in helping with the fight against crime by many law enforcement agencies.  Robbie has shared written testimonies from various Law Enforcement officials in his book from the many cases listed, as well as the documentation to prove it from text, letters, photos etc. that demonstrate the accuracy of his abilities.

I highly recommend Robbie’s book as an insight into the spiritual realm and how our guides, and those of spirit on the other side, reach out to assist in solving their cases, and the amazing man who listens and records every detail.

You can learn more about Robbie Thomas and his upcoming book, Psychic Profiler The Real Deal on his web site at Advance orders will be available starting February 1st through the 15th for the Special Edition Signed Copy for $35 USD shipped ONLY through the Robbie Thomas Offices website.

Book stores will have a version of the book without the bonus material that the Special Edition signed copy has. The book will be released the week of March 28th, maybe sooner!



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