Rediscovery, Your Next Chapter


What things in your life have triggered rediscovering something in yourself?

What emotions come to you, when you rediscover something you thought was gone?  How has the resurfacing of aspects of your past helped you move forward?

Rediscovery can be a very empowering process, or it can be humbling or traumatic.One of the key code themes that I work with is an aspect of where things from our past resurface into our present.  This always gives us multiple opportunities.  It can show us what we have learned to this point in life.  It can give us a second chance with something.  It can give us the opportunity to choose differently than we did before.

In the midst of this process, we may also rediscover aspects of ourselves.  Rediscovery can be a very empowering process, or it can be humbling or traumatic.  Many times this is connected to the memories and the reflection of our choices along the way.

Sometimes, rediscovering a piece of ourselves that has been victimized or abused can leave us feeling unsettled or dealing with feelings of guilt.  Rediscovering where we are or have been superficial and pursuing the material world, perhaps even lying and cheating to get what we want, can bring in feelings of sadness and disappointment.  Yet, re-discovering our childhood enthusiasm, feelings of love, an ability to be creative and inspired or free can bring an abundance of joy and inspiration.

When I look at rediscovery in the realm of codes it is all about connecting us consciously with what is our wholeness.  It is a process of connecting us with our own wisdom, providing us the opportunity to open doors of compassion for our self and others.  It offers us the opportunity to choose true joy over illusory joy.  It has both depth and simplicity in it.

I have found when I encounter this opportunity that I often breathe a sigh of gratitude.  I have a deep appreciation for moving on seeing the shifts and changes and transformations through the different chapters of my life.  I also find that when rediscovery patterns come up that they are major turning points in our life that allow us to close a chapter and to open a new one.  It is an aspect of re-birth.

Every time we are willing to delve into the aspect of rediscovery, we open a portal that moves us more into a space of feeling fulfilled.  To observe consciously where we have been, in where we are, allows us a glimpse of what is to come.  This is because, in hindsight, we can gain foresight.  We get to see that through our choices we have the power to create new pathways in our lives.

If you feel stuck, confused, or simply just need to bring fresh energy into your life, then it may be time to do a little re-discovery work.  Day to day life can often times leave us separated from ourselves.  When we get separated from who we are, life seems heavy and unfulfilling. However, when we connect with who we really are and take time to continue to know who we are, we create unity and self-union which provides all kinds of clarity and insights on what to do.  No right or wrong, simply what will work for you.

How has rediscovery work benefited you?  When  was the last time you spent time just getting to know you again?  What role has rediscovery played in your life?



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Jesse Ann Nichols George

Jesse Ann Nichols George is an author of 4 books and an Integrated Development Specialist with over 33 years of experience assisting others with their life processes. She is a spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, and a holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. Jesse is a 13th generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating harmony and nature. Her work encompasses both Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and hosts her own radio show.

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