Random Acts of Kindness or Remembering Ancient Knowledge (RAK)


Random Acts of Kindness is a term I heard about ten years ago. Initially I thought “why does kindness have to be random”? As I saw this term popping up more and more I realized that people were becoming aware of their kindness and how they consciously were doing things for other people with intent. I also became aware of my own acts of kindness but more importantly I became aware of when I was not kind, when I ignored the opportunity to do something for someone else. I noticed one day that I was so self-absorbed in what I was doing that I did not hold the door open for someone behind me entering the post office. As I felt this persons’ energy hit me in the back of the head I turned and apologized to them and that act alone changed their energy as they smiled and ‘let me off the hook’. Random Acts of Kindness are those moments you recognize a need that someone has and you act on it without the person asking for the help. But is the act truly random or an awakening of the consciousness?

While working a Fair a little more than a month ago, I was in a group conversation with some people I had never met when one of the women said ‘pancreatitis. My antennae went up and an image of a friend suddenly filled my head. I inquired why she mentioned pancreatitis and she explained that she makes an herbal tea for this ailment. I shared with this woman about my friends’ current struggles and ill health. This woman whom I had never met insisted on making some tea for my friend. I subsequently gave her Shelly’s name and the name of the shop that she owned. I had forgotten about this day until a week ago when I was in Shelly’s shop. We were having a conversation when Shelly suddenly started sharing a story with me about a woman who phoned her randomly to let her know the package that was in her mail slot was tea for pancreatitis and she wanted her to know what it was so that she did not throw it out. The laughter we shared in that moment as she told me how the woman did not want her to think that local kids were pushing drugs through her mail slot was healing in itself. The random love and kindness this stranger had shown to my friend without expectation of anything in return warms my heart. Neither my friend nor I know this woman’s name for there were no markings or ‘sales’ pitch included on the package.

At some time in history we set out on our own, losing sight of the collective consciousness and the power behind giving. In the Bible it is said “give and you shall receive.” If we think about this concept from the point of everything being energy it makes sense. Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, merely transferred. When you try to take without first giving there is no room to receive which creates friction in your energy that can manifest as frustration and anger. In order to receive you must first give. When you give there is a hole in the energy that must be replenished, this is the law. When you think about this in the simplest of terms you can see it in action in your life. There is only so much room in a cup, a cabinet, a gas tank. When you give an object or perform an act out of kindness you are also transferring a piece of your energy which requires replenishing. This ancient knowledge is surfacing in those that are awakening to the collective consciousness.  People are becoming aware of the power within themselves simply by giving from their hearts unselfishly.

A Random Act of Kindness is that moment when you are consciously aware of the people and environment around you and are able to recognize intuitively a need in someone else and acting on it. This requires a ‘stepping out of’ yourself, your own needs, and stepping into a place of love. When you are ‘self’ absorbed focused on the lack that you feel yourself you are unable to recognize needs in others and are unable to give from your heart. This internal focus of energy blocks you from receiving, for your energy is full of itself. As you wake up and Remember Ancient Knowledge you begin to recall that we are one-energy in a perpetual flow of exchange. Part of this Ancient Law explains why when you receive if you do not pay the act forward you will suffer some type of loss. Sometimes these losses feel inconsequential, and other times they hit you like a truck. The act of giving can change the flow of energy from negative to positive and attract things into your life.

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness is not about making a list of things to do for other people, it is about being aware of more than just yourself. Recognizing the needs of others with an open heart that lacks judgment and giving when you can even if it is just a look of compassion or a hug. Giving selflessly based on the need of the other and not on what it will do for you. While we enter into this ‘spirit of giving’ around the Holidays, rather than making a list of gifts to buy for others to satisfy their wants and desires why not find ways to give selflessly without the intent of ‘giving the perfect gift,, a mechanism of the ego. I challenge each and every one of you to do something selflessly for a stranger this Holiday season, completely random from your heart. Open your awareness to receive the intuition that is a part of your soul so you can recognize in another a need that only you can fill.

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