Rachel Lang: An Instrument Of Peace


By David Matthew Brown

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel Lang and talk to her about her life, and her career.

Rachel works with startups, businesses and clients all over the planet with the intention to serve and empower. Her laugh is contagious and her smile can light up a room. I have interviewed Rachel on my radio show in the past and was excited about this dialogue. I love her insight and wisdom and most importantly, I love her.

Rachel received her bachelors in communication and her masters in theology. Her excitement for growing and learning is astonishing and humbling.  She is also an Astrological consultant and healer. Which means, she looks at your astrological chart and natal chart and sees what is playing out for you at this time. Rachel stated, “I feel that I am really good at what I do.”

At the age of 14, while at a book store, Rachel came across a book on astrology that would change her life, “I got to play library roulette; I would walk down a random aisle and see what book would pop out at me.  Sometimes it would be a book on adopting children, or art books, but I would always ask the universe for a surprise, then one day I picked up this astrology book. When I read it and did my chart, I was like ‘oh my God this explains so much of who I am and why I am the way I am.’ It also helped me navigate my relationships. My parents are both Scorpio’s, so we are going to relate in this way. And I thought this is a system that is uncannily accurate.”

With the internet just becoming popular, Rachel was able to start a couple of online classes. At the time, schools weren’t set up for teaching, but it didn’t bother Rachel, she didn’t see it at the time as a career choice, but she knew she just loved it. Some time passed, and then her friends started asking to have their charts read. This early training helped her to learn her craft and hone her skill at reading symbols and making interpretations.

With years of practice, Rachel established her business in 2006. Many people would ask her, ‘Where can I find people like you who love astrology and are looking to break out of the norm, like a community?’  She remembers, “One night I had a dream that basically I was leading a circle. That same night, my friend Robin had a dream that she was going to a circle and said it was so strange because the lady running it looked like me.”

Rachel then heard from her guides that this was something she needed to do. These circles ran for two years in Nashville and Los Angeles and they were a great way for Rachel to connect with a community.

She reminisced of how she has always ‘had a feeling’ talking with guides. She could always feel pressure on her head or see colors out of the corner of her eyes. But it was always a loving presence around her. She had an active prayer life and could always feel angels and guides around her. Through her training she realized that everyone can do this. Everyone can talk to their guides.  She said all people need to do is to ‘believe.’

“When we connect to spirit there is an out pouring of love.” ~ Rachel Lang

Rachel and I talked about the subject of believing and I said that I loved her quote, “Spirit is a loving presence,” so I asked, ‘how do we know what to believe? How do we know we are speaking with our higher self or if it is dark energies?’ Rachel responded, “There is a universal law called ‘like attracts like.’ So if you stay in light and in your own self, and set the intention that you are protected, then anything that comes into that space has to match that energy. So you learn what to believe in. This whole process is exploratory…”

During our conversation, a hummingbird landed outside Rachel’s door. Rachel exclaimed, “David this so cool, we are getting a message of joy.” The harbinger of joy appeared as we began to talk about the difference between spirit and soul. Rachel was laughing, “I think that our Soul is who we are, the us that is connected; the primary source that inhabits our body and is connected to the energy of who we are. And Spirit is the breath that enlivens us.”

Rachel finds her inspiration through learning, in particular with other astrologers, and also when she is sitting with a client and can ‘feel a shift.’ She loves helping and serving people so they can become empowered in their lives. Her voice had such joy in it. I felt so much peace just sitting with her. She still takes classes and is always growing in her career and is in complete service to Spirit. Rachel stated, “I try to stay open to where I am being guided. I say the prayer of St. Francis every day, even before a session; ‘let me be an instrument of your peace.’”

I love how Rachel speaks of magic, “Working with life and participating with all of creation, that is a magical life. For example, the hummingbird that keeps flying in front of my door, there is a certain magic there too. It is reminding us we are in alignment. Because this message of joy is coming to us, to say, hey this fun, don’t forget to smile. We are not alone; the entire earth is resonating with us right now.”

Rachel takes care of herself in many different ways, but she is impassioned about her life’s work. Her passion has allowed her to be surrounded by passionate and loving people. She might tell the universe that she needs ‘me time’ and then she gets booked with clients. But Rachel sees this as part of receiving from spirit and the person who is calling for help is ‘me.’ There is no separation and all are here for us.

In my opinion, Rachel is one of the most intelligent, curious, passionate, and heart loving beings on our planet.  It is no wonder that she is my nomination for Bellesprit’s Beautiful Spirit!

rachel langWhat I learned during my time with Rachel is, be you, follow your passion, and Spirit is always with you. You are never alone, none of us are. And finally follow the signs for confirmation on your path. Soar!

Rachel has a fabulous radio show called Blissen Up which has been on air for two years. The show is currently on hiatus for the summer, but you can check out her show from this link: http://www.blissenup.com. the show will continue in September.

St. Francis Prayer:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Learn more about Rachel or book appointments with her: http://www.rachelclang.com/

David Matthew Brown is a Speaker and Author of “The Book of Light: The Heart Opening” and “90 Days of Heat: Freedom Through Moksha.” He is also a Shaman who works with Athletes and Celebrities. David Channels The Lion and is the Host of The Lion Radio where he has interviewed Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Michael Beckwith, Pierce Brosnan, Gary Zukav, Don Miguel Ruiz, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, and over 550 others.




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