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The public excitement and media coverage over the birth of Britain’s newest royal baby, Prince George Alexander Louis, has naturally brought thoughts of Diana, Princess of Wales to the surface once again.

Speculation has run the course from how she’d have felt about her grandchild, whether her name would have been incorporated into the child’s name if it had been a girl, and even whether the Duchess Kate’s polka dot dress was an homage to Diana’s polka dots when she carried Prince William into the limelight for the first time.

Though I gave psychic readings to the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret, I never met Diana in person. I did do an aura reading on her, though, at the request of the U.K.’s Daily Star newspaper in 1991. My website,, carries the full details of that reading. But I will say that by reading her aura I saw she had an eating disorder long before the information was released to the public. The newspaper told me that they had to submit the reading to the Palace for approval before it appeared in the paper and it was changed to a “digestive” problem. I also foresaw the book she would do with Andrew Morton and most eerily, that a future danger period for her would be July – November around fast-moving cars.

I was told by a royal insider that Diana read the two-day newspaper spread on me which included her aura reading and that she commented about it to butler Paul Burrell, telling him about her danger period for the future.

My psychic feelings about Diana dated back long before the aura reading. In 1981, I watched with fascination as did the rest of the world, as the televised wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales took place.

But despite the fairytale atmosphere of the wedding I psychically saw the marriage not being a lasting one.  I remember doing a night club appearance at the Cinegrill in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel when the couple was still newlyweds.  My predictions from the stage were met with great applause till I came to the one where I said that an indiscretion in their marriage would cause Diana to never become Queen and that Charles might never be King. There were gasps and more than a few actual cries of “boo,” I’ll admit.

When Prince William was born the following year, I remember being interviewed by popular British television talk show host Jonathan Ross, who’d come over to the States to tape several episodes of his show.  I was one of the guests and shocked him and the live audience when I said that William, then a baby, might very likely become Britain’s next monarch.

Fast-forwarding to August 18, 1997, I was invited to the preview ceremony for the auction Mohamed al Fayed was having of items belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, my former clients.  Mr. al Fayed owned the Duke and Duchess’s former home in Paris and I psychically felt he was preparing it for his son Dodi and Diana to live in, since they’d recently begun dating. He was disposing of items to make room for Dodi and Diana’s belongings. How ironic, if that was true, that Diana would even consider living in a mansion that had been lived in by a couple that so completely upset the royal family by turning it upside down when the Duke, formerly King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne for Wallis Simpson, who became his wife.

The actual auction was put on hold when a few days later Dodi and Diana were tragically killed in the Alma Tunnel car accident, however it did take place sometime later and I was able to attend.

I went to Paris not too long after the accident to tape a television interview and the driver taking me to and from the interview location said we would be passing through the Alma Tunnel twice as we went back and forth. I wrote about this in detail in the second edition of my book I Still Talk To…, but I can still recall the feeling of being hurtled forward at great speed through a noisy tunnel filled with the very fast-moving cars I’d warned Diana about. It felt like something that could not be controlled once we entered the tunnel each time. I also psychically felt the emotional pain of a female, presumably Diana.

For a brief moment as we entered the tunnel I sensed the happiness the couple had experienced – a romantic night in Paris and feeling strong emotions. But I sensed that this soon turned to sheer panic.  Psychically, I felt that Diana’s first thought upon impact was “My boys!” for she feared never seeing them again. It was pure anguish for her.

My partner Valerie and I also spent time at the Ritz Hotel on that trip to Paris while writing the book and we discussed having a meal at L’Espadon restaurant, which is down at the end of a long corridor at the hotel entrance. But we felt a heaviness at the entrance to the restaurant and could not go in. I learned from the concierge that this is the restaurant where Dodi and Diana had begun dining, but then left because they felt uneasy around the tourists and other diners on that fateful night.

Instead, Valerie and I went to the Bar Vendome at the front of the hotel lobby and ordered full tea service. This area, too, though, was heavy – almost covered in a psychic black cloud. Though we felt uncomfortable we decided to stay and learned that this was the location where bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, and driver Henri Paul passed time while waiting for Dodi and Diana to finish their dinner.

The Ritz had a negative past. In the early 1990s, Ambassador Pamela Harriman suffered a seizure in the hotel’s pool and passed away, though not at the Ritz. The pool area was also the site of fashion designer Gianni Versace’s final fashion show.

I was able to make only brief contact with Diana in Paris, primarily because it was too early following her passing. I have contacted her a couple of times since, however. She is overjoyed with William’s marriage and beside herself with joy over her grandchild, though she will need time to adjust to thinking of herself as a “grandmother.”

Diana is still worried about her “boys” and always will be.  She is not pleased that William, Kate and baby George will be living at Kensington Palace because it was a home she came to dislike for the pain she felt while living there.

I have been to Kensington Palace several times as an invited guest and must admit that it is clearly a case of a location being haunted, not spirit-visited.  I always felt an oppressive heat, like the life was being drained out of me, when I visited. This was especially true in the dark bedroom where Queen Mary passed.

Kensington Palace was also home to Princess Margaret and she spent many unhappy and unhealthy years there. There are several angry and unhappy spirits at the Palace and I am also sorry to hear about William, Kate and baby George will be calling it home at least part of each year. I suggest we place the white light of protection around them and around Kensington Palace.

At the conclusion of the first séance I held for Diana, the Duchess of Windsor in spirit left me with a closing quote about Diana’s passing, which seems a fitting way to end this column:

“Please try to forget this tragedy.  In the end, it was fair for Diana to pass.  She’d had it all – tasted it all in her wonderful young life. There is no such thing as being too young to pass or passing before one’s time. We pass when it is our time – when it is our destiny to do so, when our mission, at least for that current life, is accomplished.” 

Psychically I feel that Diana has found a level of peace on the other side and will always be involved in the lives of William and Harry, her beloved sons.



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