Psychic Symbols and Other Psychic Stuff! July 2017


Psychic symbols are all around us!  They are a gateway to receiving messages from the other side.

These divination images, thoughts, sounds or feelings are sent to us by our deceased loved ones, our guides, angels, and the universe as a means of communicating with us.  They want us to be able to understand their messages so they make it as simple as they possibly can!  These psychic symbols can also be tuned into every day for guidance, direction, and answers to the multitude of questions we have.

Psychic symbolsI will post three symbolic images and tune into my own intuition to provide you with their psychic definition.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let your mind relax.  Then open your eyes and take a minute or two to decide which image resonates with you.  You may experience a slight tug on your spirit and feel a certain picture sparks your interest.  You might hear a message telling you to choose a specific image.   Maybe you envision one of the symbolic photos leaping off the page, dying to be seen.  However it happens is perfect!  That is meant to be your psychic symbol for the month.

Each image description will also have a ~Manifestation Affirmation~ which you can read to yourself or out loud during the entire month.  Write it down and repeat it numerous times throughout each day.   You may put it under your pillow, on your refrigerator, as your screensaver on your phone or computer, but most importantly, believe in it!

After you’ve decided on the picture that’s called out to you it’s time to receive your message and your affirmation!  Remember, this is a message that will speak to your highest good, your soul and your greatest potential.  Use it to help you manifest the greatness that you possess!


psychic symbolsAre you looking for information?  Everything you need to know may be at your fingertips now.  Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and research any of your ideas.

If you’ve picked this image it may be a good time to pay attention to any communications you receive or any messages you are sent. These messages may contain important wisdom or knowledge to help you.

If you are wondering about your career, look to one involving computers in some way. Luckily for you this can range from IT, to computer graphic design, to data input. There is a virtual reality at your fingers.

If you are looking at this image with regards to romance, be sure to employ online matchmaking services and social media. There, you will be awarded with a variety of options. You may do well to utilize technology today rather than meeting someone face to face.

If you’ve chosen the computer image, it is time to get to work. You are a searcher of wisdom. Download this knowledge into your own personal storage, your brain, and it will help you to move forward in life. You have everything you need to succeed in whatever endeavor you are looking at.

Remember, we live in a world of information. What you do with that information is up to you.

~Manifestation Affirmation~

I have access to everything I need!


psychic symbols

Do you feel ready to explode? If it feels like you are on the brink of something exciting you’ve chosen the right image!

If you’ve picked the fireworks image it suggests a need for excitement. You are looking for fun and you may be on your way to finding it! Remember, though, with fireworks there is always a little bit of danger along with the rush of exhilaration. Be sure you are careful in whatever you are doing so you don’t get hurt.

If you’ve asked about relationships, this image may be a harbinger of good times and new beginnings. It is a sign there will be some heavy or passionate debates as well. If you are in a current relationship, be sure to steer clear of any explosive or volatile behaviors that can burn you.

If you’ve asked about career, you might do well to look for an occupation that is stimulating. An office position may not suit you. You’d be better off in a position where you can be outside or you can move or travel.

~Manifestation Affirmation~

I light up like a firework!


psychic symbols

Do you need some color in your life?  If things are getting boring it may be time to brighten up. Your mood and your surroundings could do with a splash of color today!

If you’ve chosen the Nail polish image it might suggest you are in a perfect point in your life to invite in variety. You might do well to try out new things, new friends and new places.

This image, for relationships, may be trying to communicate to you that you should not discount anyone based on gender, color, ethnicity or background. The world is a beautiful and creative place and you would do well to allow this diversity into it.

If you are looking towards a career, the obvious might be something in the beauty industry. But, moving a bit further out of the circle might take you to anything creative or even artistic. You might also do well with any type of detail oriented job. Becoming self-employed may also be an option for you.

If you’ve picked this image it might be time to allow change. You might find that stepping out of your comfort zone may be just what is needed to freshen you up and provide you with new opportunities.

~Manifestation Affirmation~

I am beautiful!

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