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Seems this ‘Woman,’ aka FKA Twigs, believes that bad relationships are sexy, really? Clearly she’s from another Planet. No wonder she has to have PR relationships.

Oh, this is my laugh of the day. The rumour mill/PR would have us believe that Taylor Swift is trying to date Drake. Mind you they would be great at shopping together. He he…

The person who told me this story was the husband of the lady involved. Both BIG REPUBLICANS, and HUGE donors, (Vegas Wealth). Seems Donald Trump took a fancy to this man’s wife, to the point where Trump would make up “Business meetings” to get this man to go to New York, as well as inviting the man’s wife as Trump’s guest. Trump would make the now famous moves/talk when the husband of the Lady left the room. When she told Trump to *****, Trump would stalk her. He would park outside where ever they were, call to speak to the Lady and wave to her from his limo below. That’s what Trump is, a very dirty old man, who can’t handle the simple word “NO.”

Something is not quite what it seems to be in the Chris Evans & Jenny Slate world of romance. I get the feeling that she isn’t really over the ex, yet. Plus, so much good stuff for Chris Evans is ahead career wise. She may simply become a victim of his success.

Angelina Jolie has, as we know, been trying to make her soon to be Ex Hubby the “BAD” one. Well, it’s about to backfire and explode in her face. Doesn’t she understand that her telling the powers that be to check into him, well, they will check into her too? Wait till they expose the name of her “NEW” flame, who also isn’t free…

Tommy “Old Boy” Cruise out and about after his latest facelift (Looks like they forgot to do his eyelids) is all a flutter after the news that Top Gun 2 is on the way. Now, I agree that the silly movie will make millions. But the critics, all of them, will give it a thumbs down.

Lindsay Lohan is pinning her future on a man called Dennis Papageoriou, who she has partnered with to open a string of nightclubs, starting in Athens. Well, for starters, none of them are called Stringfellow. This is just a positive scheme to cover the world’s oldest profession. FLOP…

Actor, Luke Evans has great times ahead of him, both career wise and personally. He’s got a great future on the silver screen.

I do hope that Old Babyfart Trump isn’t thinking that his worries of ‘Old Stuff’ coming to light is behind him. NO… Trust me, there’s much worse to come. Think of it as an Advent Calendar of “Trumps Follies.”

Geri (Halliwell) Honer is expecting again, together with hubby Christian, are wanting a sibling for her daughter. They are going to be very pleased with their new baby.

Olympic idiot and moron Ryan Locthe in a bid to save his career has become engaged to Playboy model, Kayla Rae Reid after knowing each other less than a year. Funny just how close this comes on the heels of his Brazil woes. Well, it’s all PR. It won’t work. In fact, in the long run, will make things much worse.




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