Patrick’s Ponderance: Choices, Choices, Choices


This month I would like to ramble on about one of my favorite subjects… sort of. It has to do with living in this amazing three-dimensional playground and how we are choosing our experiences from the nature of duality.

If you’re not quite up to par on the principal of duality that’s okay, I’ll give you a brief description. Simply put, duality in this dimension is the choice to choose from polar opposites and anywhere in between. Some examples are the left or the right, the east or the west, the up or the down, the in or the out, the good or the bad, etc. You get the point. Now for most of us choosing to stir the cake batter with our left hand as opposed to the right is no big deal. We wouldn’t necessarily say using one hand or the other was right or wrong, but I think we would agree that either way would give us a slightly different experience. That’s all well and good for events that hold very little importance in our lives, but what about the big events, the real mammer-jammers, the ones that bring us great joy or painful sorrows?

From my perspective we are incredible creators of our experiences. Sometimes it’s easy to see and sometimes not, but I assure you we are. We may be consciously creating and other times we are unconscious of this. Sometimes we co-create with others, but the point is we create at some level every event we have ever, or will ever experience. Also from my perspective this is what Jesus meant when he said “Ye are gods.” He was talking about our true power as creative beings.

Now back to the reason I’m on this subject. As Lisa and I walk this divine path of life helping folks along the way, I see how nearly all of us have deluded ourselves with the feelings of lack and victimhood. We tend to readily accept the joyful and fun times in our lives but we curse and hate the sad or hard times. When we create an experience of joy, say, a fun night out with friends, we’re grateful for this time. We cherish it and hold it dear in anticipation of the next outing. We may even feel proud or clever for having set up such a successful meeting.

But what if we have chosen a mate that has filled our life with challenges. A relationship that has presented us with the opportunities to feel hurt, disrespected, or degraded. How do you view this creation? Now, I’m not saying that a person may have chosen this consciously. But still, sometimes we indeed do just that. The reasons are varied and this article has no intention to assign blame or point fingers. In fact, the opposite is true. I would rather like to have everyone realize that there is no need for such judgements. I think true freedom from these painful events comes from realizing that, on one or more levels, we have drawn these challenges into our lives so we can add to our cache of knowledge. This way we may know experientially what we, as souls, have always known conceptually.

Does all this make sense? Is it a little confusing? Believe me, I understand, it took me awhile to sort all this out. I had read about this idea several times, but what made it real for me is when I met my wonderful and gifted wife. I witnessed several events when she guided a client into a deep meditation and took them to their Akashic records. I’ve actually been there myself. If you’re not familiar with the Akashic records it is an etheric library, if you will. In deep meditation it is often represented as a large crystalline building where every past, present, and future event is recorded. When one is prepared to travel there you will be presented with your very own record. This record was devised and planned by you and your spirit team before you incarnated into this life. The person is often shown the very life they’re living with all the joys and challenges it contains. One sees that they are the creators of all their experiences and if the time is right they may be shown the lessons and the karmic reasons they have chosen these events. If you have not been introduced to the Idea of the Akashic records I urge you to Google it or find a book on the subject.

My point in bringing up the Akashic records is to show that if we are indeed creating and drawing all of these experiences to us, then there no longer is a need for victimhood. When you understand your own role in all life events you find that you can be much more objective about the reasons for the experiences.

Remember, we began by talking about living in a dimension of duality and I would like to explain how we use this creative energy. It is often said that to fully know something you have to experience the opposite. Since many folks are struggling with relationships, I’ll use this as an example. To fully realize what it truly means to love and be loved we have to give ourselves the opportunity to know non-love. This often comes from a rocky love life, a domineering parent, abusive siblings and such. When we have these challenges, too often we play the victim role. This is all too convenient because we feel if we can blame someone else it relieves us of the burden of responsibility. We know deep down that if we take responsibility then we have to put forth the effort to look at our own darkness. See it for what it really is and then do something about it.

Unfortunately, most of us are scared to death to face our own darkness. We feel we are weak or out of control with our lives and our actions. I promise you that the opposite is true. In facing this darkness, we are able to see the deeper meaning for our lives. We become blessed to understand how powerfully creative we are. We grow by leaps and bounds since we realize that the challenging times we draw to ourselves are just as important and meaningful as the joyful ones. Perhaps more so.

For me, something my dad said really hit home. He said “There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to stop blaming his father for everything.”  Oh Dad, how right you were. Thank you. Those words set me free. I’m now able to apply that lesson to every aspect of my life. I see now that I was never a victim of my ex-wife, a lost job, or unhappy events in my childhood. I see the beauty in the experiences. I see myself as a kind and wonderful person whose heart is full of love and understanding. Not fully yet, but I’m working on it. Joy and happiness in life is a blessing to be sure but the lessons come mostly from the challenges. Bless them, learn from them and move forward. Another quote from my dear old dad was “Pain is a wonderful teacher.” Nailed it again Pop!

I told you I was going to ramble on and now you may understand my view on using the choices of duality to grow. It is a divine system and plays out perfectly in every aspect of our lives. I urge you to be a bit more conscious in choosing how to use these creative forces. After all, it’s what you came here for.

Loads of love to you!
Patrick Shalosky




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Patrick Shalosky is a natural born intuitive and empath who incarnated into this lifetime to bring forth ancient wisdom and knowledge. He is also a Certified Hypnotist trained by the world renowned Author and Hypnotist Dick Sutphen and the International Hypnosis Federation with a focus on spiritual hypnosis taking people into their Past Lives, Soul Retrieval, Back-To-The-Cause, Soul-Group Regression and Parallel Lives.

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