Our Wounds Are Not Our Identity


Hold our world in your hearts, for our world is a reflection of our thoughts.

A world held in the heart is a world reflected in love. So many have experienced pain, and operate from a place of the wound, instead of the heart. Yet as we operate from the wound, we cannot heal.

To heal, we must acknowledge the wound, care for it, yet not become the wound.

For too long, our wounds have defined our causes, our fights, our social opinions, our fears, even our idea of God.

Yet our wounds are our teachers, not to point out our illness or weakness, yet to point out where we engaged life and perhaps incurred a lesson. Wounds do not shape us. They do not break us. They enforce our ability to learn.

lead with loveThey teach through a time-release method of incremental awareness. Wounds cannot heal all at once. They take time. And in this time, we become more aware of our ability to be the steward of the lesson — or — to hold the space for healing, transcendence, and love.

From now until the end of the year, we will see an increase in violence as people are faced with their wounds, their teachers, and are not yet ready for the slow-release of the lesson — we will witness more accidents, more mass shootings in public and sacred places, strange crimes. This is not a sign of “the end”, yet a sign that healing has begun.

For as a wound heals, it replaces the injured tissue with new growth. For some, they see themselves as the damaged tissue, being replaced with a society, a vibration, they do not understand.

We, the human family, are all bound together by compassion, and love. When we, the human family, ignore the teaching of our wounds to instead believe that we are the wound, we no longer hear the language of compassion, and we no longer believe we are worthy of love.

We take on the experience of being an “outsider”, of being “damaged”, of being the wounded tissue in need of replacement. None of this is true, yet we wrestle with this illusion as “our reality”, forgetting that we, ourselves, created this perception to forge the fulcrum of contrast in order to be reminded that connectivity, acceptance, and love are our birthright.

This perceived aloneness is a state of illusion, the illusion of the separation from God Consciousness. Everything is connected. Even science agrees, through the language of physics, that we, and all matter, are one.

Hold the world in your heart. Let us bring healing through our experiences, rather than becoming the continuously festering identity of the wound.

Let us create a world in the image of our love. This is our charge, our capability. This is the answer to prayer. This is love / God, in action, through us.

We are not helpless on the other end of the chaos in this world. We are the authors of this chaos.

Let us author peace in the face of the storm, quiet in the face of hysteria, by taking a few moments each morning and envisioning a world filled with safety, filled with “enough” — enough money, resources, kindness. Then bring that levity and kindness into your day.

We are the architects of our experiences. We are love incarnate. We simply do not believe this.

Hold the world in your heart. And remember who you are:

#LeadWithLove #GoBeLove #ascend #transcend #evolve



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