Oracle Reading December 2017


Each month Wendy Stokes shares an Oracle Reading with you providing guidance for the month ahead…

oracle readingThe full moon for December is on 2nd of the month and I have chosen from Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter. This card is titled ‘Moon’, a symbol for inspiration and psychic powers which are at their strongest at the full moon. The scene on the card is seen everyday in rural communities across the world and throughout all time. It shows shepherds watching over their sheep under the moonlight. It reminds us to care for what is precious to us, and we often need to make sacrifices, as the shepherds sit all night, often during frosts and rain to see that no harm comes to their flock.



oracle readingFrom the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, I have chosen the Queen of Cups. This card depicts a beautiful blonde Queen standing at a table. She is dressed in an ornate gown of red and gold wallpaper hangs from the wall behind her. She holds a book and quill. On the table is a basket of doves, a cup of water with a glass decanter – and a scorpion. The meaning is a warm and loving woman, maternal and nurturing. She is gentle and insightful and considers the needs of others. She is loyal, honest and completely trustworthy. She does not assert her own opinions or personality. She is a lover of the arts and she represents the sign of Scorpio. She is a person of abundant goodness and generosity but do not cross her.

oracle readingNext I have chosen from Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti, the card numbered 9 of wands. Her name is ‘Angerona’ Roman Goddess ‘silence’. She is the mother who never asks questions but welcomes you into her benevolent arms when you are tired or uncertain. She is said to remove pain and sorrow. She helps sustain us during times of hardship and is an auspicious goddess of great beauty and magic. Reach out to her when you are alone and ask for her comfort, blessing and kind companionship.




oracle readingFrom the Mystical Kipper by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, I have chosen ‘Tree’ which is numbered 17 and is subtitled ‘Receiving a Gift’. It shows a Christmas tree with fairy lights. Gifts are laid out around its base. We guess who purchased these, and who they are for and what might be inside the wrapping paper. Will this be a happy Xmas event. Someone has gone to much trouble to create a perfect setting. It is a card which draws us to the creation of  homely happiness and sharing a time of celebration with others or is it a time of sadness for you. Now is the time to address the past to enjoy the present!





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