Oracle Card Reading November 2017


Each month Wendy Stokes shares an Oracle Reading with you providing guidance for the month ahead…

From Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti, I have chosen Card number 9, titled ‘Support, Bearing the Weight of Others and subtitled with a quote from Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, “Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support them after.” The card represents the offering of strength and assistance and bearing a burden on behalf of others. Providing support can take many forms: moral, emotional, physical and financial. We can offer our shoulders to bear the weight or lend an ear to share grief. Here we see a jester offers his shoulders on which the girl performs her pirouette. He raises her up, allowing her to be the focus of the audience’s attention. He takes second place in the attention of others, hiding his identity, he provides an anonymous contribution. While the effort and gesture are a noble one, there are times when he should come out of the shadows and take credit for his caring. Be careful not to allow others to take advantage of you!

From Tarot of Dreams by Lee Bursten, XX has been chosen, titled Judgment with the meaning, The gaining of a higher and wider perspective. Seeing oneself as part of a larger whole rather than as an isolated individual. Heeding a call to follow a path or take an action. A deeper and higher consciousness needs to be broadened to encompass more than individual concerns. The card suggests not a limited self-ego but a greater spiritual understanding and awareness then become transformative for more than ourselves alone. To do this, we unite our male and female essences, each needs the other, neither can be whole without the other. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and the Hebrew letter Shin means maturity.


From Animal Voices by Chip Richards, number 11 titled Elephant. It’s meaning is responsibility, cooperation and empathy. Elephants have one of the closest and most loyal family groupings of all animals. They live together in a herd for up to 80 years. They babysit each other’s young, and if its mother becomes sick, it will bring the baby food and protection. When an elephant dies, the herd cover its body with leaves and branches, and do this even if they did not know the elephant. The card is trumpeting love and support, and that you give and receive this. You are reminded to say thank you to those who are special to you. Your appreciation is an aspect of your love for this month ahead.



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