Oracle Card Reading August 2017


Wendy Stokes shares a monthly Oracle Reading to guide you through the month ahead.

Oracle ReadingFrom Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer, I have chosen Butterfly, that carries the energy of ‘transformation’.

It’s very possible to go through major changes calmly and willingly when you view them as natural and hold positive expectations. Whether you are in the darkness of the storm, the process of coming out of the self-created cocoon (which can be a struggle sometimes), you will find the glorious expression of the new you!

Keep faith in the wisdom of the Great Spirit and a conscious resonance with source. The darkness before the light and the constriction of the cocoon will releaseoracle into a more comfortable phase. You are birthing, each and every moment, but there are larger cycles that take more time, and we must have patience. If you feel scattered and uncertain, and are flitting from one place to another, it is time to pause to enjoy the beauty and richness of life and trust in the natural progression of the soul’s development. Get ready for a big breakthrough!

Oracle ReadingFrom Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark, I have chosen Demeter, an Olympian Goddess, who carries the energy of ‘letting go’.

The Goddess stands amidst her fields of grain, watching over the golden harvest. As Earth Mother, she presides over fertility, birth, harvest, decay and rebirth. Her myth focuses on the loss of her daughter, Persephone to the underworld. This poignant narrative of closeness, separation, grief, and reunion echoes the timeless theme of attachment and loss.

On a divinatory level, Demeter suggests a breaking of the mother-daughter bond in order to develop independence. The card heralds a more mature phase of a relationship. Energy previously withheld, imprisoned feelings, or an aspect of the self that has felt violated can be released so that a new course of life may unfold. Attachment, separation, and loss are intricately woven into the tapestry of life. Mourning allows the process to be complete so that we may let go, and life can be renewed.



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