My Weight Loss Journey: It’s Not A Failure If You Learn Something


As a professional Psychic Medium, I often go on tour throughout the United States sharing messages from departed loved ones or providing guidance for those seeking direction along their life journey. This past October was my first tour while being on the Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan.

At first, I was very conscientious about what I was eating, determined to stay on plan. That determination lasted the two days it took my husband, Gary and I to arrive in New York. Once there, my schedule was filled with a whirlwind of sessions and Message Circles that filled each day and night, with little time allotted for meals. (Okay, so I’m not always good to myself when scheduling and often forget to schedule in ample time for lunch or dinner).

weight lossGary had to return home to North Carolina after my first week on tour due to work and an unexpected visit to our area by Hurricane Matthew. My daughter, Jessie flew in to New York from Colorado to take his place and accompany me on my tour.

I began each day at 7:00 am with an ‘on plan’ breakfast of either bacon and eggs, or a hearty bowl of oatmeal with a half slice of wheat toast and a delicious cup of hot coffee with half and half creamer from the local diner of whatever town I was in at the time. When staying with friends during my tour, I would often forego having breakfast or eat what was provided. Far be it for me to deny their kindness and awesome tasting food!

Lunch, if I was able to get in a lunch, was often on the run at whichever restaurant that was close by, and usually just 30 minutes in which to consume it, before heading out for the next session or Message Circle.

Dinner was generally late night after doing an evening Message Circle at a local McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. Their wings are divine; I love their garlic and parmesan wings! And, of course, forget being able to eat every 3 hours as the sisters, Pearl and Serene suggest, who are the authors of the book Trim Healthy Mama Plan ( and the accompanying Cook Book. There just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to stay on plan and do the work I had come to do.

The next thing I knew I was drinking Diet Pepsi again. Yes, friends, I had completely fallen off the wagon during this tour.

Now, don’t let me dishearten you. This meal plan is so very easy and convenient to follow, if you have a kitchen in which to prepare your meals. Most of the hotels we stayed in were good for a small coffee pot and refrigerator, and that was it. But, it was just enough room to store all those delicious wings!

I realize my failure during this tour was my own fault due to poor planning. But, I am certain that come May 2017, for my next tour, I will be better prepared and will plan my time a whole lot better, to include eating every three hours. There are lots of on plan snacks I could have fallen back on, so lesson well learned.

When I arrived back home and stepped on the scales I was shocked to see that I had gained 9 pounds during the month I was away! Holy weight gain Batman!

Here’s the beauty of this wonderful weight loss program – you can start over any time, just start with the next meal. Now that I am back home again and am back on plan with the Trim Healthy Mama I know I will drop those added pounds just as quick as I gained them.

With the Holidays approaching I have been gathering up various recipes filled with pumpkin flavors, autumn frills, and sweet treats that follow the THM plan. This Thanksgiving I won’t have to worry about cheating because all these wonderful appetizers, side dishes, and desserts are completely allowed without any worries of gaining weight… that is of course, unless I over indulge. Thank goodness we get to eat every three hours! Now if only the rest of the family will share these tasty morsels.

This year I have invited my entire family to our home for Thanksgiving dinner; mom, my brothers & sisters and their family, my son and his large family, (sadly Jessie returned home to her little family unit in Colorado). I’m so excited to be able to share all the tasty, low carb, sugar-free dishes that are totally on plan. I won’t have any reason to feel deprived at all!

If you are interested in some of the amazing recipes I will be using for my holiday baking, you can check out these awesome ladies and their hard work in creating dishes that are completely on plan and guilt free!

Brianna Thomas –

Gwen’s Nest –

Grass Fed Mama –

Mrs. Criddles Kitchen –

To learn more about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, visit their web site at and order their book. Don’t forget to include their amazing Cook Book filled with over 350 recipes.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season without the fear of gaining weight! Indulge!




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