My Weight Loss Journey: It Works!


It’s going on three months on the 14th of this month that I began my weight loss journey with Trim Healthy Mama. This has to be the easiest program I have ever tried that helps to promote weight loss.

I get to eat the foods I love, prepared smarter without all the sugar, and my taste buds can’t tell the difference. The result is not just the pounds I’m losing but how much healthier I feel. I have so much more energy to do my daily chores and I can walk the grocery store without feeling out of breath, and here’s the amazing thing, my hip doesn’t pain me when I walk after a certain distance.

In the book, Trim Healthy Mama Plan they state that the health benefits were the best part of their program. I have a testimony that it truly is the best part. The weight loss is just an added benefit.

But I can’t forget a couple of products that I use in addition to following the THM meal plan that I feel have also aided me along my weight loss journey. My friend, Deidra Peets introduced me to these products that she sells through a company called It Works.

Since my goal was to lose weight, Deidra suggested I try out the ‘System’ which consisted of four of their best products that help you to become healthier from the inside out and also promotes weight loss. Since better health is my ultimate goal I was willing to give the System a try.

The first of the four-part System is The Wrap that helps to tighten and tone your trouble spots. My most troublesome spot on my body was my big belly. Just placing The Wrap across the belly and then wrapping saran wrap around my stomach for about 45 minutes is all there is to it! And the crazy thing is, even after you’ve removed The Wrap, it continues to work its magic for over 72 hours. They suggest that you use The Wrap every 3 days to keep the toning magic working for you.

The second product of the four-part System is called Cleanse™. This is an herbal cleanse for your intestines and bowls that help to remove the toxins that have built up in your body from eating ‘bad’ foods. Need I say more?

The third and fourth products of the System is my favorite part. The Greens and Thermofit provide an added boost to my weight loss goal.

The Greens help to restore the pH balance in my body by providing the fruits and vegetables required daily with a delicious berry flavor. Now that’s the best way to get your green vegetables down the hatch! I tell you, it really is quite delicious. Even my grandbabies have tasted it and loved it, and they hate anything remotely resembling a vegetable.

The Thermofit has the antioxidant benefits of the Acai Berry and also helps with burning calories by boosting your metabolism. The result, lots more energy to get through your day.

I use these products from It Works to help me with my weight loss goal along with following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan. The result? To date, I have lost 20 pounds and down two pant sizes.

If you would like to learn more about the It Works products be sure to visit Deidra Peet’s web site and don’t hesitate to connect with her on Facebook if you have any questions.




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