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Life is a journey… so they tell you. I have heard this phrase most of my life, but did not fully comprehend the depth of its meaning until I was in my fifties. Bit of a slow learner I know, buy hey, it’s about getting there in the end.

“The body speaks what the soul seeks.”

At the age of 49, I was visiting my Uncle with my Dad at Foxton beach in New Zealand, and one morning I sat upright in bed and thought, “Wow, I’m going to write a book on healing!”

I had decided it was going to be 12 chapters, one for each of the astrology signs in relation to health, as I was interested in medical astrology at the time.  I told my dad that morning at the breakfast table and he said, “Sounds good, let me know when you have finished.”

learn to self healWell I finished that book six years later and I could see my Dad was very proud as he stated, “I remember the morning you spoke about this, and now here it is!” As my dad had been diagnosed with progressive dementia, I was really happy that he still had retained that memory. My father and I had been at odds over the years and in my mid-thirties we cleared our differences. Once that was done, I noticed my resentment and anger dissipated and I did not feel so tired and sick all the time.

In my career as a Registered Nurse I thought I had studied enough about illness to understand how and why we get sick. Well, I was wrong. It wasn’t until I did my studies in Astrology, Colour therapy, Metaphysics and Ayurveda that I learnt the connection of the body to the mind, and how what we believe manifests in our body as illness. I was amazed to learn the power of how our thoughts can make us sick, as well as understanding that we actually get sick in our auric field first.

I came to understand that our thoughts and auric field are the first line of defence when it comes to dis-ease. If you do not have positive beliefs about yourself then your auric protection becomes weakened. Illness will be manifest in the part of the body related to the chakra that is disturbed. So, if you have anger or resentment issues, the 3rd chakra or Manipura (its Sanskrit name) will be out of balance. Possible related health issues in the body are digestive disorders, allergies, and liver and gallbladder problems.

As an Astrologer, I am passionate about coaching people in their process of understanding themselves with the gifts and challenges they possess. As I moved into Medical Astrology I found many correlations between the timing of illness and the person’s psychological profile. Their personal attributes often would reveal their beliefs which eventually contributed to dis-ease in their soul and disease in their body.

My life’s journey has led me to believe that we are spiritual beings choosing to have a physical experience, therefore we need to honour both our spiritual and physical needs equally. Excess or deficiency in either will bring dis-ease to the body. The part of the body affected is a reflection of where we need to adjust our life. Pain is a symptom of something in our life not aligned to our true self.

learn to self healThe book, Learn to Self-heal is an innovative guide to gaining and maintaining good health using time-tested healing wisdoms of Medical astrology, Ayurveda healing, and Spiritual health. This book is easy to read, enjoyable and a well-written guide. It explains, simply and practically, the steps to gain a greater understanding of your body and your mind with many options that will lead you to holistic health. It includes inspirational stories of people’s journeys towards wholeness, delicious recipes, and will open your thinking to encompass effective ways to gain and maintain the health you deserve.

As a qualified Registered Nurse (RN), and an intuitive learner of effective healing methods, my unique skills and gifts have evolved from my many years of learning and experience in both the traditional ‘western’ medical techniques and cures, and in the study and practise of many other ancient traditional techniques which many people today describe as ‘alternate.’ I have a great deal of respect for all methods of healing which embrace the examination of the ‘whole’ being.  I firmly believe that all the methods outlined in my book have a place in the modern world of healing. They are firmly rooted in our inherited spiritual wisdom.

One of the main differences between the modern western and the ancient healing practices is that when you attend a modern doctor’s practice, you are asked: “What is wrong with you?” and the medical staff proceed to treat you based on your own observations and symptoms you describe. When you go to a Holistic Practitioner, you are asked about what is not working in your life, as a reflection of what is not working in your body. This allows the Practitioner to connect the body-mind to the soul when it comes to determining probable blocks and dis-ease in the body. In this way, a suitable treatment can be determined to begin to heal your whole body-mind.

What if you could identify your body’s weaknesses and strengthen them? What if you could be armed with the information and tools to minimize and prevent illness? What if you knew what you needed to be healthy to live longer and be vitally strong?

Is there a part of your sub-conscious that is curious and yearning to be so informed? If so, welcome to my book Learn to Self-heal, a personal and practical guide towards wholeness. This book is useful as an easy-to-read introduction to the awareness of the body-mind and an account of how our body’s health is a manifestation of our mind’s well-being.

When you are young, you abuse your health to create your wealth; when older, you use your wealth to maintain your health.

There is comfort in understanding that when you connect to the body-mind, there are many alternate paths you can take successfully to reach peace of mind and physical wellness.

I hope you find this information helpful and easy to implement into your daily life.

My intention here is simple. I purely want to share what I have found to be supportive to my body-mind and useful over my many years in mainstream medicine as an RN with what I have learnt about ancient healing beliefs and practices; and with my own spiritual journey regarding health.

Christina Richter My book Learn to Self-heal is available through my website and payable by OR direct payment to my bank account  from Australia or New Zealand (need to email me on for further details).

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I invite you to attain wellness and enjoy your life’s journey.

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Yours in good health, Christina Richter R.N.



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