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Hello friends and neighbors and welcome back to another journey inside my mind as I ponder a new thought on a warm and wonderful Saturday morning. How amazing it is to be sitting alone in my oversized recliner with a cherish cup of coffee beside me and the soft chime of birds right outside my window.

If a passerby were to stop and look in through the window they would observe me sitting here pecking away on my laptop. They would think that I’m doing nothing, I’m being boring and unproductive, perhaps lazy for not being outside where I can be stimulated by the bright fresh air. But their observation would be biased because I am doing something wonderful. Something awesome and filled with self-growth and self-realization, something unheard of to the billions of people who always have to be moving and distracted. I am creating a miracle as I channel this article. Not only am I creating it but I’m living it, I’m in it, It is me and I am it. I am experiencing a moment of complete joy for life and total love of self. In this instant I have something that so evades the greatest percentage of humanity at the time. I have peace. I am peace and it is wonderful. I am living a miracle in this moment.

If you follow me on a regular basis you’ll recall that I sometimes write about profound moments in our lives. Often the subject is the big events that get our attention and really drive home a lesson. But today I would like to move you out of the drama in your life and all the other events that seem to drain your energy. Let’s, for a moment, move out of survival mode and not worry about the kids or the bills or how we’re going to get the car fixed. Let’s just be, alone together, you and me, in peace. To be honest I’m sure that there are a few of you that find it uncomfortable to be doing nothing, in fact I’m sure that some of you have rarely read any of these articles simply because they are too long and take up to much of your precious time. I promise I don’t mind, but if you happen to be one of these people then you are the person I would like to talk to the most.

After we have been on this planet for a while we generally have built up a plethora of experiences that we log into the conscious and unconscious mind. Often these moments are still rife with all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that were present at the time of their happening. For most of us we have never been taught how to use our experiences and emotions as a way to grow and so we hold onto them for a lifetime. If we had learned how to see all things as an expression of growth and learning we could allow experiences to come and go without having them muddle up our minds with fears and regrets that keep us locked in perpetual cycles of unhealthy thoughts.

Now, as you sit here right now reading this article please notice what is happening to you. I’ll help you out with this if you don’t mind. Right now, alone and quiet you are a perfect and beautiful aspect of divinity. You’re a kind and loving person. You have successfully made it this far in life and you have this moment to relax. You are a miracle to the planet and you have come here so many years ago to express yourself as an individual soul to add your special ingredient to the melting pot of humanity. At this moment, and all the other moments in fact, you are not your past. What you are, is what you are right now in the present moment. If you think about it, you’ll realize that everything that has happened to you served to create you as the wonderful being who is sitting here now. There is no past and the future will never come. You cannot go to the self and pull down a piece of the past and hold it in your hand. You can’t see it or feel it. That memento of an earlier event can indeed be touched but in doing so you experience it in the present moment and not the moment in the past when you first found it. The future is a similar illusion, it likewise cannot be experienced. Each new moment pushes the future one moment ahead. It will never come and chasing it is completely futile.

So what you’re left with is the moment of Now. It never began and it will never end. Once this is fully realized then the worries, fears, and emotions of the past begin loosening their hold on you until they fall away completely. Yes folks it can be done. For most of us we would have an extremely difficult time accomplishing this all at once and in an instant. It takes time but after that first joyful moment is experienced you can feel the results of that brief instant of joy and use it as a cornerstone to build upon.

I realize that this all seems well and good but is it practical with all the drama going on around us? All I can say is “It so is”! Think of the moment you’re having right now. With all the chores and obligations that await you when you’re finished with this article, you’re having a peaceful moment. It was your choice to stop for a short while to relax and be quiet. And earlier, when you were alone in your car you had a chance to enjoy the moment. How about the bathroom this morning? The usual routine presented you the opportunity to check out for a moment and appreciate the peace of solitude.

Several years ago the drama and chaos of a major life change caused me to take time for myself to just sit and be alone. I needed those precious moments for the survival of my sanity. At first I thought I needed to sit and think through my situation but to my surprise I found myself checking out from my problems and just enjoying the moment of Now. After a few of these sitting spells I found myself alone in the living room, a refreshing drink on the table, and a lapdog beside me. I would look out the window and watch the sun go down until the room was dark, often sitting for three hours at a time in complete silence and peace. These moments were golden for me. They were a miracle but one of which I had given to myself. They were wonderful gifts of healing for what felt like a worn out soul. These moments refreshed and rebalanced me and showed me that no matter what drama was unfolding in my life I can find pockets of peace and quiet to express gratitude and enjoy the moment of Now. At work, I would often stop whatever I was doing and close my eyes and just breathe for a few seconds and feel peace and quiet envelope me. I would say “thank you” for the moment and then move on. No one knew what I was up to, even in a crowded conference room I trained myself to close myself off from the conversation for a moment and realize that everything going on around me was not a part of me. It was simply busyness and drama that was separate from myself and I could secretly push it aside and be free even if for only a few seconds.

The whole of life is made up of the Now moment. And if you examine this moment you will see that it is always a choice about how it is experienced. You will find that the events going on around you are not you. They are separate from you and more than likely you can take a few seconds to bring peace into your experience. If your situation is filled with chaos I urge you to try this method and feel the results. Give yourself the miracle of the moment and let it grow with you. Silence the radio when you drive and keep the television off when you’re at home. Put the kids to bed a little earlier and slip into a warm bath and relax. A miracle moment doesn’t have to last for only a few seconds, it can last hours or even a lifetime because life is not made up of the time that slipped away or the days that will yet unfold. It’s made up of the only moment there is, and it’s the moment of Now. Chose to make your moment wonderful. Choose to make it a miracle.

Peace friends, Patrick



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Patrick Shalosky

Patrick Shalosky is a natural born intuitive and empath who incarnated into this lifetime to bring forth ancient wisdom and knowledge. He is also a Certified Hypnotist trained by the world renowned Author and Hypnotist Dick Sutphen and the International Hypnosis Federation with a focus on spiritual hypnosis taking people into their Past Lives, Soul Retrieval, Back-To-The-Cause, Soul-Group Regression and Parallel Lives.

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