Meet Our Newest Bellesprit Diamond Psychic and Healer Jessica Potter


Hello, I’m Jessica Potter.  I’m a natural born medium and Intuitive. I have had paranormal experiences as far back as I can remember.

Jessica PotterThroughout my life, I’ve been strongly connected to the angelic realm and have felt protected by their presence.  I’m currently a Psychic Investigator and Licensed Private Investigator. I enjoy assisting on missing persons cases and cold cases to bring closure for the victims and their families. I like supporting those who are beginning their spiritual journey; learning to break through fear, doubt and other spiritual blocks. I believe it is incredibly important to help other Lightworkers discover, accept, understand and grow their gifts as well.  I’m a strong believer in unity and love among all Lightworkers.

​I strongly appreciate my clients and the work I have been called to do. I’m blessed every day of this journey and the opportunity to be of service to the world.  Schedule A Session

How I Read: I meditate before each session connecting with my client’s energy field. I use the ability of Clairsentience (feeling) and Claircognizance (knowing) to connect to the information your guides are sending me, as well as Mediumship to connect with any loved ones that come through. I will deliver their messages, address your questions, or go more in detail in a certain area. Most of the time the Guides cover the questions before you even ask.

More About Jessica: I have dedicated my life to helping others with the help of God and my Angels. I choose to use my gifts for the highest good and purest love.  I want to help others by giving hope, comfort, closure, and confidence that their loved ones are still near.  I deeply appreciate every session and always learn something from each client. It is my desire to make a difference in your day with guidance and love that I believe comes through God.

It is truly an honor to be able to serve you.​  From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you.

Education: I have received Mediumship Training and Certification with Jill M Jackson, Psychic Development training, Symbols Training, and Angels communication training. I am currently studying with Belle Salisbury in her Mediumship Course.

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Belle Salisbury

Column: Feature Writer | Belle is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Bellesprit Magazine. She has been a Spiritual Counselor for 35 years utilizing Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience in her sessions bringing you guidance in your daily life. As a medium she is able to see and communicate with your Spirit Guides or departed loved ones bringing you communications of guidance, healing, validation, and closure. For more information or to book a session, visit her website at

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